Indian jeweler, Renani Jewels, has recently outdone its fellow countrymen in making the “most diamonds on a ring”. And yes, what looks like a super luxe corsage is actually a ring.

Most Diamonds Set in One Ring by Renani Jewels

Called The Marigold aka The Ring of Prosperity, it is recognized by Guinness World Records as the newest record holder for “Most Diamonds Set in One Ring”. It boasts 12,638 conflict-free, E-F color with VVS clarity natural diamonds set in a beautiful floral design.

With all the precious rocks, The Marigold is, naturally, a lot heavier than your regular diamond rings. All told, this dazzling creation weighs over 165 grams (5.8 oz). To put thing in perspective, the new iPhone 12 weighs 164g (5.78 oz).

Most Diamonds Set in One Ring by Renani Jewels

Imagine bearing that weight on a single digit. Now, that is heavy. That said, whoever is planning on wearing it, better have a strong finger. Perhaps a strict finger exercising regiment is require prior to wearing it. I mean, getting a strained finger from wearing a ring will be the joke of the century. No?

Anyhoo… the ring was the handiwork of 25-year-old Harshit Bansal, founder of Renani Jewels in Meerut, India, who have always dream of setting a diamond-studded record since when he was studying jewelry design.

Most Diamonds Set in One Ring by Renani Jewels

For now, Harshit and Renani Jewels are the record holder before another jeweler from India come along and break it. “For now” because, a search through Guinness World Records, previous record holders for “Most Diamonds Set in One Ring” were mostly – if not all – from India. There appears to be a race going on in this aspect.

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As far as The Marigold is concerned, it beats the previous record set by fellow countryman, Kotti Srikanth of Hallmark Jewellers, by a whopping 4,837 dazzling rocks. Well, at least, the one by Hallmark Jewellers look more like a ring. The Marigold, while beautiful, feels more like it should be worn on the wrist like, you know, a corsage.

Most Diamonds Set in One Ring by Renani Jewels

Images: Renani Jewels.

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