I am not going to lie. I have this thing for all things concrete and so when Utopia Audio Titan Handmade Concrete Bluetooth Speaker pops up on our radar, I knew I had to share it with everyone. With Titan, Utopia Audio joins the handful of companies and individuals who are bold enough to explore the use of this super tough composite material for music reproduction. That being said, the concept concrete speaker is not new at all, but still, for those who love all-thing concrete, or for those who are in the quest for super cool and unique speaker, it is certainly worthy of a look.

Utopia Audio Titan Handmade Concrete Bluetooth Speaker

While strong, concrete is inherently brittle, but this where the Titan stands out: it is handcrafted from a special mix of concrete, employing different pigments, minerals and sometimes even marble and basalt to result in a concrete speaker that Utopia Audio claimed to be 10 times stronger “than an average cement based concrete.” On top of that, the mix, along with the fact each speaker is made “one by one,” ensures that each speaker will be unique aesthetically. In other words, no two speakers will ever be the same, well, upon close inspection, that is.

Utopia Audio Titan Handmade Concrete Bluetooth Speaker

Since it is concrete, there’s no question about the asesthetic (read: it’s freaking awesome!) and so, lets us just dive into what it as to offer as a speaker system. Packed inside the grey tonal concrete block is a 60W audio system made possible by two 75 mm full-range drivers, bolstered by a rear bass-reflex port. Oddly, there’s no mention of digital amplifiers which the system could definitely benefit from. Also inside is a Bluetooth module that supports BT 4.0 aptX for high-quality wireless audio streaming and there is also a 3.5 mm AUX port for those who prefer to go the wired route.

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Utopia Audio Titan Handmade Concrete Bluetooth Speaker

No words on the pricing at this point, but if you are keen in getting your hands on one (or several), August 04 is the date to look out for because that is the day Utopia Audio Titan Handmade Concrete Bluetooth Speaker will be on Indiegogo. That said, if are really, really keen, you may want to sign up to be among the first to know when it launches so you can take advantage of the 50 percent discount. However, price is one thing. Shipping a heavy-ass concrete is another and therefore, if you aren’t around Budapest, Hungary, where it is made, shipping is definitely going to make quite a dent on your wallet. Unless, the good folks at Utopia Audio is willing to absorb part of or all of the shipping and handling cost. Keep going for a product teaser video.

Utopia Audio Titan Handmade Concrete Bluetooth Speaker

Images: Utopia Audio.

Utopia Audio via The Gadgeteer.

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