Lets face it. GoPro is the undisputed action cam of choice when it comes to capturing, well, action sports. To be honest, we can’t wrap our head around why this boxy thing has become the de facto action cam of choice despite its defiance against basic aerodynamic principles. Anywho, that’s the fact. However, one thing GoPro can’t go is to your mouth. Yup, that’s right. Your mouth. Which means when the times come to celebrate your daring leap off the cliff, there’s nothing to capture you and your bud downing a fiery hot tequila in first-person-view. Wait. You sure you still want that helmet on in the bar? No way, right? So, we’d say just grab a Polaroid Cube and shove it under the Shot Glass Camera Mount, designed specifically for the Polaroid Cube.

Shot Glass Camera Mount for Polaroid Cube/Cube+

Nope. April is way behind us and so, the Shot Glass Camera Mount is definitely not a joke. At just 15 bucks a pop, your trusty Polaroid Cube fits on this purpose-designed shot glass’s base – with the lens pointing upwards, of course – hit the record button and the moment when you down that alcoholic beverage will forever be immortalized and thereby providing an obvious trail of what ensued during the night of madness at the bar which you have little or no recollection of. Sounds like a fair game to us since most of us won’t be leaping off the cliff of Yellow Stone park on regular basis, the Shot Glass Camera Mount for Polaroid Cube/Cube+ sounds like more practical proposition, which we will gladly drink to.

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