Wireless charging, unlike traditional outlet or USB charging, is not exactly in-wall-friendly, but that does not stop French outlet and switch maker Legrand from introducing the first-to-market in-wall wireless charger. Dubbed radiant, it holds and charges any Qi wireless-enabled wireless charging smartphone. Now, wireless charging pad is so called because, it needs to be lie flat to initiate charging, but with the Legrand radiant Wireless Charger, the company has came up with a somewhat elegant solution, by the way of a transparent clasp of sort, to ensure your phone contacts the vertically positioned charging pad.

Legrand radiant Wireless Charger Wall Outlet

Legrand radiant Wireless Charger Wall Outlet is designed to replace your existing wall outlet, bestowing what used to be regular outlets with a wireless charging pad, a pair of AC receptacles and a USB port, capable of pumping out 3.1A, to boot. Well, at least, that is the case for this product destined for the North America markets. There is a small LED light at the base of the charger to let you in the charging status. When the light is solid red, it means it is charging while solid green indicates charging is complete. Legrand promised quick and easy installation “without requiring new electrical wiring.”

Well, you know what I think? I think it is a brilliant solution for those seeking to make their homes truly high-tech, BUT do remember it requires you to sacrifice one or two AC outlets, and also note that Legrand radiant Wireless Charger Wall Outlet is only as practical as the location/position of the outlet you intend to replace. In any case, if you are interested, the Legrand radiant Wireless Charger Wall Outlet can be acquired from Legrand US website for a $79.33 a pop. Not exactly a cheap investment, TBH.

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Legrand radiant Wireless Charger Wall Outlet

Images courtesy of Legrand US.

Legrand US via The Verge.

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