AquaPal Smart Water Monitoring and Control

Water leaks and burst pipes are common in landed homes. With leaks and burst pipes costing some households as much as US$10,00 in damages, you don’t want to be the receiving end of this unnecessary bill. This is where AquaPal by Wasserstein Home aims to help.

AquaPal Smart Water Monitoring and Control

AquaPal Smart Water Monitoring and Control is smart monitoring system with an integrated shut-off valve designed to be installed at the water mains.

In addition to monitoring and managing your household water consumption, it will detect burst pipes and water leaks, and automatically shut off the mains to prevent damages to property and costly bills. If you are using a bill tracker, then a costly bill would stand out as an abnormality, alerting you to a potential leak. However, if you’re not, then a leak can go undetected for much longer potentially causing costly damage to your home.

It is app-enabled, allowing you remotely monitor and manage the water flow even when you are far away from home. The app will learn your usage behavior over time to establish a control, so that it can identify and alert you of any abnormally.

AquaPal Smart Water Monitoring and Control

In such unfortunate instance, you can also choose to shut-off the valve manually using the app. The device’ sensor can detect even the smallest changes in water flow and it is Wi-Fi enabled.

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AquaPal works with other smart home sensors such as the Wasserstein smart water, temperature and humidity sensors for a more specific leak detection. Lets say you have the said sensor in the bathroom and it detects a leak or an overflowing bathtub in the bathroom, it will alert the AquaPal to shut off the valve to stanch the bleeding, so to speak, before more damages are done.

AquaPal Smart Water Monitoring and Control

Water leak detection for homes aren’t new, but one with an integrated shut-off valve is not common. So, if you are serious about catching burst pipes and leaks, and stopping the damage ASAP, then the AquaPal Smart Water Monitoring and Control may be worthy of your consideration.

If so, you can pick up the device as a pre-order on Kickstarter for US$169 and up, or US$209 or more for the starter kit which includes a smart sensor. Here’s a video where you can learn more about AquaPal.

Images: Wasserstein Home.