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A.R.Drone: iPhone-controlled RC flyer

Parrot A.R.Drone RC Flyer 544px(photo source:

i want one of this! ok, i know there are a lot of things that i want but you can’t blame me, these babies are simply too irresistible! the guys who brought you ZIKMU Parrot wireless speakers designed by Philippe Starck, now brings you the Parrot AR.Drone, a WIFI iPhone-controlled RC flyer. on the first glance, the AR.Drone looks like something that came out of the US Army Air Force Recon Base. the AR.Drone is by no means child’s play. in case you are not quite a RC flyer like myself, the AR.Drone is packed with technology advancement which allows it to fly itself. don’t believe? Continue reading A.R.Drone: iPhone-controlled RC flyer

BRENT WALLER’s custom LEGO batmobile ‘tumbler’ – completed!

Brent Waller Custom LEGO Tumbler main 544x272px

finally, the most important package arrived on the 16th. jump straight into assembly of the tumbler but doh! some parts are missing. check through BRENT’s list and realised the summary parts list has got some discrepancies. its ok. on the 17th went straight to SIMPLY TOYS @ Suntec City Mall and grabbed the missing parts. lucky for me, what i needed is all there *phew* all for a tiny sum of SGD5.90.

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