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iPhly turns your iPhone into a radio control transmitter

iPhly Radio Control with iPhone 544x408px
(image credit: iPhly) iPhly Radio Control with iPhone | from US$70.00 (special) |

iPhone takes on the task of controlling your radio controlled model with a twist. typically, a radio controlled model uses a transmitter (TX) to relay your inputs to the model’s receiver (RX). the RX in turns send the input to the necessary components such as the servos, electronic speed controller et cetera. however, Ari Krupnik has another idea: using your iPhone as the transmitter instead, using his invention called the iPhly. Continue reading iPhly turns your iPhone into a radio control transmitter

Sideshow Exclusive Clone Trooper premium format figure

Sideshow Exclusive Clone Stormtrooper 544x786px
(image credit: Sideshow Collectibles) Clone Trooper – Sideshow Exclusive Edition | US$299.99 |

we thought that this is something too beautiful to give it pass. not that we will be snapping one for ourselves right away but we certainly appreciate the work of art that was put into the new premium format Clone Trooper from Sideshow Collectibles. check out some images after the break to witness its awesomeness. the attention to details of this 19-inches collectibles will definitely put a smile in any Star Wars figures connoisseur. each piece is handcrafted and individually painted by Sideshow Collectibles. the armored trooper features armor plating over a fabric body suit with detail accessories. Continue reading Sideshow Exclusive Clone Trooper premium format figure

enough of action figures, time for some inflatable fun

Blimpus - inflatable character 544x339px
(image credit: Blimpus) Blimpus, An Inflatable Character Canvas | from US$20.00 |

love collecting cute, arty stuff including vinyl figurines? then you should be familiar with vinyl collectibles such as bearbrick, munny, dunny et cetera. physically, these vinyl figurines look the same but what set each of them apart is the awesome graphics that each toy sports. that said, we want to introduce you to a whole new world of collectibles: the Blimpus. Blimpus differs with the rest of the collectibles in two major ways: first, it is not a solid vinyl – it is an inflatable PVC vinyl canvas and second, it comes as a flat blank canvas which makes creating design much easier. Continue reading enough of action figures, time for some inflatable fun

Mark Zuckerberg immortalized with unofficial action figure

MIC Gadget unofficial Mark Zuckerberg Action Figure 544px
(image credit: M.I.C.Gadget) “Poking Inventor” Acton Figure | US$69.90 |

first it was the CEO of the pineapple company being immortalized as an action figure, but then things got a little ‘touchy’ and it was removed, much to the disappointment of all pineapple fans. now the inventor of ‘poking’ is the newest victim of this unofficial immortalization. this is no Madame Tussauds’ wax figure, but this 7-inch action figure, sporting the trademark casual brown sweat shirt, worn jeans and a pair of Adidas sandals, does resembles the poking inventor, albeit sporting bigger head. though, not as stunning as the pineapple CEO action figure, which is still our all time favorite (the ninja version, included). Continue reading Mark Zuckerberg immortalized with unofficial action figure

get ahead of your competition with Super Soaker Scatter Blast

Nerf Super Soaker Scatter Blast 544x311px
(image credit: Hasbro) Nerf Super Soaker Scatter Blast | US$15.00 |

stinky hot weather is just a few months down the road and its time to arm yourself with the most powerful water gun for some good water drenching fun. no, not the fire hose! i’m referring to the NERF Super Soaker water guns. get an edge over your competition with not one but five streams of water from the new NERF Super Soaker Scatter Blast. just like a real-life pump action shot gun, the water shoots out in a spread but in this case, its five streams of water for up to 25 feet. never mind if you weren’t a marksman, you can’t miss it with five streams. other features include 0.6 liter capacity, flip-up sight and tactical rail, in case you feel the need to accessorize your Scatter Blast.

the Nerf Super Soaker Scatter Blast retails for $15 and is available at major online retail stores.

Cubelets robotic construction kit is the toy i wish i had

Modular Robotics Cubelets main 544px
(image credit: Modular Robotics) Cubelets Modular Robotic Blocks | U$300.00 |

the Cubelets is a robot construction kit developed by Modular Robotics, a spin-off from Carnegie Mellon University, which lets you construct your own robot using a combination of task-orientated robotic cubes. essentially, there are three categories of robotic cubes in this kit, namely the action blocks, sense blocks and the think/utility blocks. for example, snapping an action block like the drive unit, with a sense block such as the distance sensor unit and a battery from the think/utility block, gets you a robot that moves when the sensor detects your hand moving towards it. of course, with a bit of creativity, you could get a more a complex bot going. check out the teaser video on it works after the break.

currently, the beta test kit of 100 units are sold out but it will be back soon and has a retail price of $300. not exactly cheap but i guess the hours of fun you will have with this hi-tech toy far outweigh its price tag. well, at least it is to me. blame it on my love for toys and geeky gadgets. for $300 you will get a standard kit consisting of 20 blocks from all three categories of function essential for you to start building your own robots. recommended age for this robotic toy kit is 8 years and up. damn. why didn’t i have such cutting edge toys when i was a kid? all i had was green toy soldiers just like the ones you see in Toy Story.

via core77

Razor’s advanced POGO stick gives you the extra boing

Razor BoGo POGO Stick main 544x400px
(image credit: Razor) Razor BoGo POGO Stick | US$79.90 |

Razor BoGo POGO gives a classic outdoor toy a new boing with a healthy dose of cutting-edge technology. instead of solely relying on the internal spring power, the BoGo features a patented bow-assist spring that promised to add a boost of power to your POGO-ing. the bow-assist spring may sound simple to any layman but it is, in fact, a licensed technology originally developed by the Carnegie Mellon University. constructed out of aircraft-grade aluminum, the Razor BoGo POGO stick is able to carry riders of up to 140 pounds.

the the Razor BoGo POGO stick retails for $79.90 and is available now via Razor web store.

Razor BoGo POGO Stick image1 544x600px


Desk Pets’ TankBot will give you autonomous fun

Desk Pets TankBot main 544x388px
(image credit: Desk Pets) Desk Pets TankBot | US$20.00 |

autonomous is no longer restricted to military use. it has now come to your desktop in the form of the Desk Pets TankBot, a completely autonomous (and adorable) vehicle on rubber tracks. the TankBot uses infrared sensors to ‘see’ and avoid obstacles, thus allowing it to autonomously navigate around. all you have to do is not let it fall off the desk. it can also be controlled with iPhone via its accompanying free app. the TankBot has a built-in rechargeable Lithium Polymer battery which provides a good 15 minutes of play on a single 30-minute full charge. charging is via USB port with the integrated USB flip out connector on TankBot.

the Desk Pets TankBot comes in four different colors and is slated for release this June with a MSRP of $20.

Desk Pets TankBot main2 544x311px

Desk Pets via POPSCI

Creationary definition: when LEGO meets Pictionary

LEGO Creationary main 544px
(image credit: LEGO) LEGO Creationary | US$34.99 |

if you love LEGO like i do and love Pictionary, you will love Creationary. as the name suggests, players create things for others to guess, instead of fiddling with play-doh or doodling with pencil and paper. hmmm, wouldn’t that take quite a longer time? players will have the opportunity to build from four categories: vehicles, buildings, nature and things. designed for three to eight players, LEGO Creationary comes completed with one buildable LEGO dice, 1 LEGO minifigure (affectionately known as minifig), 1 LEGO microfigure (micro???), 96 cards and 1 rule book.

excellent for an hour of fun with family and friends. i hope Death Star isn’t part of the to-build list though. sounds like whole lot of fun to me. the LEGO Creationary retails for $34.99 and is available at the LEGO web store. i hate to sound like i’m a ambassador for Creationary, but it is a fact that i am so wanting this.

images horizontal 544x38px

LEGO Creationary image1 560px LEGO Creationary image2 560px

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Mjoinir hammer wielded by Thor now launches a missile!

Hasbro Thor Lightning Hammer main 544x458px
(image credit: Hasbro) Hasbro Thor Lightning Hammer | US$19.99 |

ahead of Thor – the movie release this May, Hasbro wants you to wield this mighty Thor Lightning Hammer and calls upon the rain, wind and lightning. well, i’m just kidding, i made that up but the part about the hammer is real. however, you will not be able to call upon the power of the nature with this hammer, except if you consider the flashing lights and thundering sound effect as ‘lightning’. while you may not have the supernatural power of the godly son, you can have his hammer, ermmm, albeit being a toy version but with the additional capability of launching a miniature missile at your enemy. launching a projectile is not an extraordinary feat but hey, Thor’s Mjoinir hammer can’t do that, isn’t it?

the Hasbro Thor Lightning Hammer cost $19.99 a pop and is available for pre-order at Hasbro Toy Shop.