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Travel: Experience The Power Of Armored Vehicles At Drive A Tank

whenever we talk about holiday destinations, most people think of sandy white beaches, clear turquoise water or the less expensive thrills like those offered by theme parks. those are the norms and so you’d be forgiven if those destinations are among the first thing that pops up in your mind. however, if you looking for a different kind of thrill and willing to step out of your comfort zone, so to speak, you might want to give Drive A Tank a shot. located in midst of wooden area in Kasota, Minnesota, Drive A Tank is precisely what the name say it is. it is a place where you can drop some of your hard-earned dough in exchange for the experience of driving armored vehicles like the Vickers FV433 “Abbot” Self-propelled Gun (SPG), the GKN Sankey FV432 Armored Personnel Carrier (APC), and the Russian-made T-55 Main Battle Tank (MBT). Continue reading Travel: Experience The Power Of Armored Vehicles At Drive A Tank

Travel: Boeing 727 Fuselage Hotel Suite At Hotel Costa Verde

we often wonder why there are cruise ship travels and not air cruise travels. actually we shouldn’t be asking this cos’ the reason is pretty obvious: a flying aircraft has nothing under them to make it feel ‘safe’ unlike on land or sea travels. besides, an aircraft won’t have the space for many activities anyways and you can’t step right out as you wish until you have actually landed on solid ground, and so that makes an aircraft a good form of transportation, but definitely not the cruise kind of travel enjoyment. that said, the Boeing 727 Fuselage Hotel Suite at Hotel Costa Verde is your next option if vacationing on an aircraft is you kind of thing. as the name implies, it is a hotel suite repurposed from a retired aircraft set in the lush greeneries along Costa Rica’s costal region. Continue reading Travel: Boeing 727 Fuselage Hotel Suite At Hotel Costa Verde

Weighing Handle Tells You If Your Suitcase Is Overweight

beside forgetting what you should be bringing when checking into a flight, the next pre-flight nightmare would probably be overweight luggages. with that in mind, French designer Selma Durand came up with a brilliant concept, aptly dubbed Weighing Handle, that will save you the trouble and embarrassment of repacking overweight suitcase in a public domain or worst, if don’t have anyone to offload those extras, you’d be looking at additional baggage charges which usually cost a bomb (those bloodsuckers!). as the concept product name implies, it is a suitcase handle with an integrated scale, so you can get rid of all the guessworks or forget about the stepping on and off bathroom scale ritual just to determine if your luggage is overweight. Continue reading Weighing Handle Tells You If Your Suitcase Is Overweight

Travel: Luxury Submarine Underwater Getaway

forget about mile high club; the new black in luxury travel is going deep down, into the the blue and we are not even talking about scuba diving. we are talking about Luxury Submarine Underwater Getaway, known as Lover’s Deep, by offered up by UK-based Oliver’s Travels. your fellow richie rich may have bagged a ticket or two to the space, but seriously, romantic it is not and so if you are looking for the ultimate romantic getaway with your other half that’s unlike any other, this is it. unlike typical cruises, Lover’s Deep is designed with couples in mind and henceforth, it will accommodate two plus the necessary crews including a personal butler and the captain. of course, there will be a mandatory chef that will whip up a unique, aphrodisiac tasting menu to spice up your underwater romantic adventure. Continue reading Travel: Luxury Submarine Underwater Getaway

Travel: World View Near-Space Balloon Flights

fact: not everyone can afford a 250 grand ticket for a suborbital flight, but that’s not the be all and end all IF you have $75,000 to drop. for 75k, you can still get a view of the curve of the earth from 19 miles (or around 31 kilometers, which is roughly 79 km shy of Virgin Galactic suborbital flight) up there, thanks to the unique travel experience offered by the World View Near-Space Balloon Flights. however, instead of some futuristically named commercial spacecraft, you will be accommodated in a high altitude hot air balloon capsule which takes four hours for a round trip that includes 90 minutes of ascending, two hours of ‘sailing’, plus a 40 minutes descent. according to the scant details we read on the official website, you will be treated to the beverage of your choice, while you enjoy “the luxurious comfort and gentle glide of the vessel.” Continue reading Travel: World View Near-Space Balloon Flights

SKROSS USB Charger and Travel Adapter

while the market is certainly not lacking of travel adapters, most of them just ‘works right’ and they could hardly be called reliable (those elusive prongs!) and aesthetically, they can never live up to style-conscious folks’ expectations. this is where SKROSS comes in. SKROSS is the Swiss name behind the world’s first single-piece adapter, patented in 2002, featuring the now-widely used all-in-one country-slider system which not only met relevant international safety regulations, but also sports uber sleek design that we dare say, is possibly the best looking travel adapters we have seen to date. the brand’s catalog is wide and varied, ranging from world travel adapter to USB charger, which will have you covered regardless of your traveling power needs and where you are traveling to. Continue reading SKROSS USB Charger and Travel Adapter

Travel: Aqua Amazon Luxury Boutique Hotel Boat

if the lack of the luxe accommodation have been stopping you from going on the road (or in this instance, river) less traveled. then perhaps the Aqua Amazon Luxury Boutique Hotel Boat might change your mind. from the purveyor of ultimate river cruises Aqua Expeditions, the Aqua Amazon Luxury Boutique Hotel Boat, as the name implies, lets you enjoy the best of what the world’s second longest river has to offer along the stretch in Peru, in the comfort of a 12-16 suite luxury vessel with amenities you expect of a typical boutique hotel (or even better, if we might add), including indoor and outdoor lounge, observation deck, onboard boutique, fully air-conditioned indoor environment, 5-star hotel standards accommodations, outdoor jacuzzi (on Aria), an exercise room with panoramic views from the full glass walls, and last but not least, gourmet Peruvian cuisine crafted by Executive Chef Pedro Miguel Schiaffino, who also happens to be Peru’s top ten chefs. Continue reading Travel: Aqua Amazon Luxury Boutique Hotel Boat

Jacob’s Leather Passport Travel Wallet/Holder

half of the time, getting to the airport and checking in is a mad dash, and the last thing is to fumble for essentials like credit cards, cash, writing instrument, and most important of all, the passport. the Jacob’s Leather Passport Travel Wallet/Holder might help to alleviate some of the stress of finding all those items when you needed them most. crafted and stitched by hand by a dude from Singapore, this handsome passport travel wallet is made from 20z natural vegetable tan leather and features slots for credit cards, a compartment to keep your currency crease-free, a pen holder, and a slot that snugly fits any standard passport, or a business notepad if you so choose. finally, burnished edges and white linen thread stitching rounds up the package of this classy wallet. Continue reading Jacob’s Leather Passport Travel Wallet/Holder

Thule Round Trip Bike Boxes

if you are a serious cyclist, chances are you won’t settle for the second best ride when traveling and hence the need to bring you trusty bike with you – wherever you go. but that won’t be easy task, unless you are willing to put down good money for a custom case. Thule, the Swedish name for all-thing automotive storage, think they might have the awesome solution to your bicycle transportation woes. the Thule Round Trip Bike Boxes is a trio of collection consisting of the Round Trip Pro, Round Trip Elite, and the Round Trip Sport, that are designed to transport your beloved pedal ride safely and in style. the Pro (hard case of ABS and aluminum construction) and Elite (soft case made of hyper durable nylon) models feature roof rack-like rail for securing the bike frame, and this rail can be pulled out and doubles as a reliable work stand for working on your bike. Continue reading Thule Round Trip Bike Boxes

Phinda Private Game Reserve

If you’re the sort of holiday maker who wants to be right in the heart of the action and you’re wanting to experience the ultimate in safari adventures, then the Phinda Private Game Reserve is definitely the place you want to be doing it. Set in a rather substantial 23,000 hectare site, the Phinda Private Game Reserve boasts seven distinct habits – ranging from wetlands to mountain ranges. Continue reading Phinda Private Game Reserve