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Thule Round Trip Bike Boxes

if you are a serious cyclist, chances are you won’t settle for the second best ride when traveling and hence the need to bring you trusty bike with you – wherever you go. but that won’t be easy task, unless you are willing to put down good money for a custom case. Thule, the Swedish name for all-thing automotive storage, think they might have the awesome solution to your bicycle transportation woes. the Thule Round Trip Bike Boxes is a trio of collection consisting of the Round Trip Pro, Round Trip Elite, and the Round Trip Sport, that are designed to transport your beloved pedal ride safely and in style. the Pro (hard case of ABS and aluminum construction) and Elite (soft case made of hyper durable nylon) models feature roof rack-like rail for securing the bike frame, and this rail can be pulled out and doubles as a reliable work stand for working on your bike. Continue reading Thule Round Trip Bike Boxes

Phinda Private Game Reserve

If you’re the sort of holiday maker who wants to be right in the heart of the action and you’re wanting to experience the ultimate in safari adventures, then the Phinda Private Game Reserve is definitely the place you want to be doing it. Set in a rather substantial 23,000 hectare site, the Phinda Private Game Reserve boasts seven distinct habits – ranging from wetlands to mountain ranges. Continue reading Phinda Private Game Reserve

Samuel Adams Utopias for Crystal Cruises

let’s get this straight: this is not just about Samuel Adams Utopias, but it is the Samuel Adams Utopias that is destined to be served onboard the Crystal Cruises’ 2013 European cruises. like most beers, it takes the bottle to draw us to it (we are not alcoholic, so the beer itself won’t attract us like bees are to flower). the Samuel Adams Utopias is among some of the world’s finest craft brews such as the Thornbridge Bracia of England, Ola Dubh 12 from Scotland, Austria’s Samichiaus, Rochefort Trappistes 10 from Belgium, just to name a few. hailed as the ultimate collector’s brew, the Samuel Adams Utopias is expected to make the cruise later this year. contained within its copper brew kettle style bottle is a rich, dark, non-carbonated beer that is brewed from a mix of of caramel and Vienna malts, along with several types of yeast – including a variety found in champagne – blended and aged in the Barrel Room at the Samuel Adams Boston Brewery. Continue reading Samuel Adams Utopias for Crystal Cruises

Eat: World’s Most Luxurious Club Sandwich

feeling the need treat your stomach to some lavishness? well, we say, travel to Hong Kong and get yourself some of the World’s Most Luxurious Club Sandwich. costing a cool 480 Hong Kong Dollars (about US$62), this extraordinary priced culinary creation out-price those in Geneva, which is the current “record holder” on the annual Club Sandwich Index (yes, there’s actually such an index), averaging at $30.45. the $62 a piece delectable opulence is available at The Parlour at Hullett House Hotel from June 15 to August 31 this year. according to the Executive Sous Chef at Hullett House, Peter Lee, this pricey gastronomical sandwiches are packed with exquisite (and no doubt expensive) ingredients such as Beluga Caviar, A5 Wagyu beef, Balik salmon, sliced black pork bacon, Iberico ham, Belgian figs, sliced Roma tomato, Romaine lettuce, cucumber, French chicken, Italian organic egg, mayonnaise, mesclun salad and green asparagus, sandwiched between three slices of crustless, lightly toasted bread. Continue reading Eat: World’s Most Luxurious Club Sandwich

2013 TUMI for Ducati Collection

Ducati may be known for its motorsport excellence, but it does have a softer side and that mellower character comes in form of the 2013 TUMI for Ducati Collection, a retro chic travel bags and luggage that would be a perfect fit for those looking for a classy look. inspired by the motorsport racing era and the Italian motorcycle marque’s 1972 championship winning bike, the iconic 750 Imola Desmo, this retro collection comprises of four pieces: Scrambler Leather Rucksack (#65182; $595), Bronco Top Zip Leather Crossbody (#65104; $425), Apollo Leather Crossbody(#65105; $495), and the apple of our eyes, the Evoluzione International Carry-On (#65120; $995). common all four is a saddle-colored textured leather with perorated details and metal hardware, with the exception of the Evoluzione which is of a bi-material construction consisting of brushed alloy, triple-layer polycarbonate, along with the aforementioned leather. Continue reading 2013 TUMI for Ducati Collection

TUMI Tegra-Lite Continental Carry-on Luggage

ruggedness don’t always means a brawl-ish look. the TUMI Tegra-Lite Continental Carry-on Luggage is one good example. made from Tegris, a revolutionary polypropylene thermoplastic composite material used applications such as lifesaving armor (aka bulletproof vest), NASCAR race cars and protective gear for NFL players, this hardside suitcase will keep your personal travel belongings safe without the added heft. additionally, it is equipped with a four-wheel system for ease of maneuverability and a patented X-Brace 45 retractable telescopic handle system Continue reading TUMI Tegra-Lite Continental Carry-on Luggage

Crash Baggage: why worry? it is already crashed

so you have your spanking new luggage checked in and you couldn’t help but to imagine the worst that the baggage handlers would do to it? our advice: get a suitcase that has already been ‘crash’ and stop all that worry right there, right then and enjoy your flight. in a twist of a design, the luggages in the Crash Baggage collection sport dents (and quite a lot of them, we must say) as part of their design and hence, getting those nasty indents are no longer your worry and besides, it will make quite a style statement. don’t you think so? and that’s not to mention it will make your suitcase instantly recognizable when it parades out onto the carousel. Continue reading Crash Baggage: why worry? it is already crashed

TUMI Mixology Set

TUMI Mixology Set
TUMI Mixology Set | US$3,995.00 |

if you haven’t stepped into a TUMI boutique or visited their official web store for the longest time, the you probably aren’t aware that TUMI is more than just bags and luggages. from gadget accessories to desktop accessories (USB flash drives, notepads – you name it), TUMI have you covered and now, it will make your dream of a career as a stylist traveling mixologist come true with its soon-to-be-available TUMI Mixology Set. this exquisite limited edition set is the result of a collaboration with Ketel One Vodka Continue reading TUMI Mixology Set

EO Travel Collection by Incase

EO Travel Collection by Incase
EO Travel Collection by Incase | from US$149.95 |

traveling and gadgets don’t go hand-in-hand, especially with the tightened airport security and not to mention that these days, we have more than just a single laptop to bring with us. this is where EO Travel Collection by Incase can help. the collection consists of five travel bags: Hardshell Roller, Roller, Roller Brief, Backpack and Duffel – all designed to make your security check ordeal a little more painless. following the Incase’s tradition of clean, minimalist design mantra, all bags are carry-on compliant with most airlines and feature dedicated padded compartments Continue reading EO Travel Collection by Incase

XCOR Lynx: NYC to Tokyo in 90 Minutes

XCOR Lynx Flight | about US$95,000.00 per trip |

if you (one) trust a rocket company to safely bring you from point A to point B, (two) has the yearning to see the space in person, and (three) has tons of cash to spare, then brace yourself for a coolest air (or rather space) travel any regular mankind has yet to experienced: a flight to the space and that will happen as early as year 2014. and the vehicle that will bring you to the edge of the Earth’s atmosphere is the XCOR Lynx, a supersonic jet developed by a private rocket company XCOR Aerospace and it will zip uber-rich passengers to the space in a round trip flight lasting 45 minutes Continue reading XCOR Lynx: NYC to Tokyo in 90 Minutes