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Axe killer Animatronic Door Haunted House Prop

Axe-killer ANIMATRONIC DOOR Haunted House Prop 544x688px
(image: Patricaia Rodriguez) Axe Killer Animatronic Door Haunted House Prop | US$3,500.00 |

so what exactly is an ANIMATRONIC DOOR Haunted House Prop? it is a door with a LCD that resembles a window showing a corridor on ‘the other side of the door’. a dude that appears to be an axe murderer walks up towards the window and as you might have guessed, stares at you in a very creepy way and then proceed to ‘break the door’ with his axe. a cleverly designed mechanism runs in sync with the psycho axe-wielding killer’s axing actions, shakes the door and ‘dents’ start to materialize on the door. how’s that for a 3D haunted house prop? apparently, a firm by the name of Pale Night Productions has created a similar prop some two years ago. so whether is this a rip-off or not, is entirely up to you to decide. Continue reading Axe killer Animatronic Door Haunted House Prop

Lancer Assault Rifle from Gears of War – LEGO-style

LEGO Lancer Assault Rifle 800x533px
(photos: PlumBrothers)

rubber band gun is nothing new and rubber band gun fashioned out from LEGO is not new either but a rubber band-shooting Lancer Assault Rifle from Gears of War fashioned out from LEGO is totally mind-blowing. according to its creator, this bad ass gun is a life-size assault rife built in accordance to the in game weapon and it is totally functional – yes, it shoots rubber bands. it even has reload-able LEGO magazines for the rubber band ammo and a real moving motorized chainsaw for some sawing action. simply breathtaking. of course, the sawing part is totally non-lethal and on the other hand, we also know how frail LEGO models can be, so don’t expect to wield this chainsaw after your neighbor who happens to own a 12 gauge shotgun. Continue reading Lancer Assault Rifle from Gears of War – LEGO-style

SUCK UK’s T-Shirt Folder with printed instructions

T-Shirt Folder with printed instructions 700x400px
(image: Suck UK) T-Shirt Folder with printed instructions | £15.00 |

there’s no denying that the T-Shirt Folder featured here is something of an extra as far as housework is concerned but not if ‘neat’ and ‘tidy’ forms part of the equation of your basic household chores. i have to admit this little housework helper solves one of my many obsessions in life – an obsession in getting all my tees folded in the same size. in fact, i even went to the extend of DIY-ing one for myself, just to make sure my wardrobe looks like those in the fashion stores. if you share the same obsession with me but is less than adventurous to DIY one for yourself, then this T-Shirt Folder with printed instructions from SUCK UK might just be the answer you been looking for. Continue reading SUCK UK’s T-Shirt Folder with printed instructions

this Ford Explorer is made from 380000 LEGO bricks

LEGO Ford Explorer 900x515px
(photos: Ford) LEGO Ford Explorer | US$na |

you know what they say about records are meant to be broken. well, that statement is absolutely positive. just when we thought Lene’s Great Wall of LEGO astounding 270,000 individual bricks is mind-boggling, then comes along a life-size replica of the Ford Explorer that was created from an even ming-blowing 380,000 individual LEGO bricks. yes, you heard it right, it is a full-size LEGO Ford Explorer. it took 22 designers and 2,500 hours to complete this 2,654-lbs (1,204-kg) monstrous LEGO model that’s reinforced by a 768-lbs (348-kg) interior aluminum base. Continue reading this Ford Explorer is made from 380000 LEGO bricks

how to make a retro-look Atomic Age Clock

DIY Atomic Age Clock 544x468px
(photos: Meg Allan Cole)

this is dedicated to all DIY and retro-decor loving folks out there. while furniture makes the main statement of your retro inclination, minor details like hanging pictures, clocks et cetera, to further emphasize your exquisite taste. instead of splurging hundreds of dollars on off-the-shelf items – if you can find any, why not built one yourself. this is where Meg Allan Cole comes in. in her recent feature on Craft: Video, she lets you in on how to create a mid-century era Atomic Age Clock to add to the retro feel for any retro-inspired home decor. my retro inclination is not as strong but Meg’s Atomic Age Clock did manage to catch my eyes because i thought this particular version looks equally at home in any contemporary set-up. Continue reading how to make a retro-look Atomic Age Clock

video: this is how you unbox a 2012 Toyota Yaris

How to unbox the 2012 Toyota Yaris 544x368px
(credit: screenshot from YouTube video)

every tech person knows what an unboxing video is. if you haven’t had any idea, then you must be living in some caves off in Kathmandu’s hills. anyhow, unboxing is usually associated with tech products and at one point, YouTube seems to be under the threat of being flooded with such videos (there are hundreds, if not thousands of them) but instead of seeing tech gadgets being unboxed, it is definitely refreshing to see a car being unboxed. yes, you heard it right – a video of car being unbox. of course, we all know cars don’t come in boxes, much less a crate but it is all in name of healthy fun. Continue reading video: this is how you unbox a 2012 Toyota Yaris

video: Playstation Vita in action at Tokyo Game Show

Playstation Vita at Tokyo Game Show 2011 544x306px
(credit: DigInfo)

Sony Computer Entertainment had a blast at the recent Tokyo Game Show (September 15-18) and the spotlight is of course on its upcoming portable gaming device, the Playstation Vita. over 30 game titles on around 80 handheld consoles are lined up for visitors to experience the Vita themselves. many will be flocking to the Tokyo Game Show which ends on the September 18 to catch a glimpse of what’s new in the gaming arena but for those who can’t be there (like us here), do catch a video of the Sony Playstation Vita in action, along with narration from Tetsuro Sakurai (Director of Marketing Department, SCE Japan) after the break. in the meantime, here’s an except of what to expect from the Vita: Continue reading video: Playstation Vita in action at Tokyo Game Show

Mercedes-Benz F125! Concept

Mercedes-Benz Cars auf der IAA 2011 in Frankfurt: was uns heute 900x563px
(image: Daimler) Mercedes-Benz F125! Concept | US$tba(concept) |

marking its 125-years in the automobile industry, Mercedes-Benz has developed a hydrogen hybrid concept vehicle, dubbed the F125! Concept that showcases the automaker’s vision for the next 125 years. powering this sexy concept is Mercedes-Benz’s F-CELL Plug-in HYBIRD, a hydrogen-electric power plant that’s capable of rocketing this silent beast from zero to 100 km/h in just 4.9-seconds and reaching a top speed of 137 mph (220 km/h). the F-CELL, together with the lithium-sulpfur high voltage battery bestowed the vehicle with an astounding range of 1,000 km (621 miles). its innovative use of fiber-reinforced plastics, carbon-fiber, aluminum and high-strength steels constitute to the significant weight reduction, while enhancing the overall safety of the vehicle. Continue reading Mercedes-Benz F125! Concept

Maserati Kubang at Frankfurt [live photos and video]

Maserati Kubang Concept SUV 700x467px
(image: via Gizmag) Maserati Kubang Concept SUV | US$tba(concept) |

with the Frankfurt Motor Show going on, we have to be extra cautious not to flood this blog with more autos than necessary but then again, who can resist featuring something as gorgeous as this Maserati Kubang (among the many others)? the Kubang, so named after the Javan wind, is an updated concept of the Trident brand’s prior SUV concept introduced back in 2003 at the Detroit Motor Show. though developed based on the Jeep Grand Cherokee, this gorgeous SUV from the luxury marque will features styling, engine, suspensions, brakes, handling and performance of 100% Maserati origin. Continue reading Maserati Kubang at Frankfurt [live photos and video]

video: Doc Brown appears to promote Garbarino store

Garbarino campaign video 544x330px
(image credit: YouTube video)

Back to the Future is one of the favorite science friction movie of many who grew up in the 80s and years after it was first screened, it still inspires many and gathers even more followers along the way, and yours truly here is happens to be one of them. speaking of which, it is one of the few movies that has a vehicle that is so memorable even 25 years on and that vehicle is none other than the DeLorean, and along with it is the man who invented (in the movie, of course) Doc Emmet L. Brown played by Christopher Lloyd. Continue reading video: Doc Brown appears to promote Garbarino store