8 Top Tips To Help Get Better Grades In Literature Class

Literature is an interesting subject because it mirrors society. You get to see yourself in the characters you read about and relate to them. The challenges of everyday life and the status quo in society sums up the content in literature. But why do students fail to get top grades?

5 Surprising Things That Can Block Your Cell Signal

Cell signals, despite all our advancement in communication technology, are still susceptible to disruption in a number of ways. You may be wondering why your calls don’t always go through or why your connection gets lost so often during very important calls. This can all be attributed to a number of factors that are keeping […]

Meet Musou Black, The World’s Blackest Water-Based Acrylic Paint

The world’s first substance to claim as the blackest black, VantaBlack, now has a new competitor. While the Musou Black from Japan is not challenging for the title of the “blackest black” substance, I am sure it will give existing super black substances like the aforementioned VantaBlack, Black 2.0, and the more recent Singularity 2, […]

Global Oreo Vault: Oreo Cookies Will Continue To Exist Even If We Don’t

Earth has escaped the Asteroid 2018 VP1 unscathed. However, if something similar apocalyptic were to happen and everything else was smashed into smithereens, you can be sure Oreo cookies will continue to exist even you and I won’t because, Global Oreo Vault.

You Can Now Add Compost A Body To The List Of After Death Services

When it comes to dealing with dead body, cremation and burial are the norms. Folks can choose to send the ashes of their love one into space too, but really, that’s extravagant to say the least. However, unbeknownst to most people, there is an actually a more “environmentally-friendly” way to send off the dead and […]

How Does EDI Work to Improve the Overall Productivity of a Business

EDI or Electronic Data Interchange has been in use for many years. Electronic Data Interchange is a computer to computer exchange of standard business data and documents in electronic format among companies in the most basic form. There are two significant elements in basic Electronic Data Interchange.