Man Fooled Google Maps Into Believing There Was A Traffic Jam By Hauling 99 Smartphones

While we enjoy the fruit of technology, lets not forget the fact that technology is fallible and sometimes, it takes the simplest of “tricks” to fool technology. Case-in-point: Berlin artist Simon Weckert hauled 99 smartphones in a handcart, duping Google Maps into believing that this is a traffic jam.

How To Find Out Someone’s Financial Status

Since the average American is $38,000 in debt, it’s incredibly unlikely that anyone you meet is going to have perfect credit and be 100% in the green. However, when going into business with someone, you do want to look into their financial status to ensure that you aren’t walking into a bad situation. It’s the responsible […]

These Are The Highest Paying Jobs Without A College Degree In 2020

The world that we live in today is changing by the minute; that’s for sure. A few decades ago, a person without a college education couldn’t even dream of a high paying job. And that’s because the rules were strict and a degree was more valuable than actual skills. Fortunately, technology has opened all the […]