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funny video: Kinect Self-Awareness Hack [video]

College Humor Kinect-hack Spoof 544x306px
(image credit: screenshot from Kinect Self-Awareness Hack video)

it will be quite a while before our computer is capable of thinking for itself independently (and in the process, threatening our survival) but this short video, entitled Kinect Self-Awareness Hack is a humorous take on what could be possible. probably not now, but sometime in the future. the story goes that James Tiller created a perfect Artificial Intelligence for the Kinect, after which everything went the wrong way. i shall cut to chase and not spoil the fun, so hit the jump and check out the video. Continue reading funny video: Kinect Self-Awareness Hack

ugly scratch marks on cars might be a thing of the past

Self-healing polymer 544x311px
(image credit: screenshot from Self-healing polymer fixes scratches)

researchers at the Case Western Reserved University has developed a polymer-based material that can heal itself under ultraviolet light. catch a short clip after the break to see the polymer in action and also the theory behind it. the researchers are working on a coating based on their development which could see a wide range of applications, including the automotive industry. while you can really make a car entirely out of plastic, but you could coat them with this special polymer that could make scratch marks on your car a thing of the past. Continue reading ugly scratch marks on cars might be a thing of the past

Diffused Light Control theory used in projection screen

DLC Projection Screen 544x260px(credit: DigInfo TV)

finally, a projection screen that is not at the mercy of lightings. typically, when we want to project something we would have to off the lights and draw the curtains in order to have a clear picture. however, that will not be the case for this newly developed projection screen from the Uchida Research Laboratory of Tohoku University. basing on the theory of Diffused Light Control (DLC), this high visibility screen enables projected image to view under normal lighting condition. Continue reading Diffused Light Control theory used in projection screen

Awesomely Made Mini Crossbow Might Hurt You Bad

Mini Crossbow 544x311px
(credit: screenshot from Mini Crossbow Shooting Targets video)

you can laugh all you want about this miniature crossbow but it can really pack a punch with an well aimed shot. don’t believe? check out the test shots video after the break. constructed out of 22K gold and solid sterling silver body, this cute little weapon has a steel bow and string. power aside, this miniature weapon looks awesomely stunning and if you are not using it to hurt anybody it will certainly make a cool display piece. Continue reading Awesomely Made Mini Crossbow Might Hurt You Bad

Moov case enables wireless streaming from iPhone to TV

Olion Technology Moov Case 544x311px
(credit: screenshot from Wireless Mirroring From iPhone to TV video)

awhile back we saw 1080p steaming from iPad 2 to a HDTV, now Israel-based Olion Technology has a case that will let you stream from your iPhone to a HDTV. check out the demo video after the break. this wireless solution, dubbed the Moov, for iPhone is also a case that protects your iPhone. aside from the circuitry that includes the Wireless Home Digital Interface (WHDI) built-in the case, it also has a removable rechargeable battery that provide some extended usage time for your iPhone. i am partially sold due to the fact that Olion Technology fails to address the hardware requirement for the TV’s end. needless to say, you will need to have a TV that’s capable of receiving the wireless stream from the iPhone with the Moov case but we need details on that end. Continue reading Moov case enables wireless streaming from iPhone to TV

GMAIL Motion April Fools joke is not a joke after all?

USC answer to GMAIL Motion with FAAST 544x311px
(credit: screenshot from ICT MxR Lab’s video)

we had a good laugh at Google’s GMAIL Motion. it turns out that the folks over at the University of Southern California did actually make it work. so is it for real this time round? check out the video after jump and judge for yourself. these dudes from the Institute of Creative Technologies or ICT has made Google’s joke a reality with the use of Microsoft Kinect, employing the same (fantasy, i say) gestures as Google has suggested in their April Fools’ Day video. while i enjoy this video, i still have doubt if this is even real.

somehow the acronyms FAAST (Flexible Action and Articulated Skeleton Tookit) and SLOOW (Software Library Optimizing Obligatory Waving), does make me feel that this is yet another joke. however, the video also quantify that “this application is pretty ridiculous. however, the software powering it is real.” i still don’t know what to make out of this video. so, is it real or not? in anyway, if you are still not aware of the Google’s joke, you might want to check it out HERE.

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can’t afford an iPad? how about a plasticine iPad [video]

Plasticine iPad 544x311px
(credit: screenshot from Plasticine iPad video)

in this video shot for a Post Digital Brief at the British Higher School of Art and Design in Moscow, depicts an iPad created out of plasticine and its functionality shown through a stop motion video. pretty cool. check out the video after the jump. what do you know? at least this video shows how an iPad will be like in 3D. plasticine modeling skills aside, this is a pretty well made stop motion video clip. i’m pretty sure Wallace will like to have one of these.

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GMAIL Motion is one hilarious April Fools joke [video]

GMAIL Motion 544x300px
(credit: screenshot from GMAIL Motion video)

April Fools’ Day is gone as fast as it comes. we are not going to talk about the pranks that people have came up with. instead, we thought this prank by Google was really cool – it is called GMAIL Motion where user uses motion to do just about everything when working with their email. the idea is cool but our favorite ‘motion’ is the “lick a stamp and place it down” to send a message. it’s hilarious. check out the video after the jump. we are pretty sure you will enjoy the video as much as we do. that’s if you haven’t watch it yet.

GMAIL Motion via DVICE

unleash 100 rubber bands with this rubber band gatling gun

Rubber Band Gatling Gun 544x308px
Rubber Band Gatling Gun | US$499.00 |

when you were a kid, you probably had one of those rubber band firing hand gun. now that we have all grown up, we deserve something better than a single shot rubber gun. well, this is exactly what the Rubber Band Gatling Gun does. it can unload all its 100 rubber bands (one at a time, of course) on your unsuspecting target as fast as your hand can crank. yes, it does reminds us of the Gatling Gun of the yesteryear where cranking is required. machined out of mainly solid billet aluminum and power coated, this weapon of choice for any rubber band battle shoots size 64 rubber bands and it is safe enough for point-blank shooting. it’s just for your info, not that we encourage you to do that. catch this beautiful piece of toy in action in the video after the jump. in case, you feel that the fire power is lacking, you can request Gadgets and Gears for longer barrels which will boost its rubber-fire power.

you can get yours for a cool $499 from Gadgets and Gears. it is also worthy to note that this is a custom-built toy which would requires a two week lead time. at least, you know where the $499 goes.

UPDATE [May 15, 2014; 4:50PM PST] not exactly closely related to this post, but still somewhat related. we thought you guys might be interested in coupons and deals these folks are offering. go check them out.

Rubber Band Gatling Gun 640x480px

Rubber Band Gatling Gun 640x480px

Rubber Band Gatling Gun 640x480px

Rubber Band Gatling Gun 640x480px

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Namco gun got mashed up with PS3 dual shock contoller

Custom PS3 wireless Namco gun 544x311px
(credit: screenshot from Custom PS3 Wireless Namco Gun Controller Mod video)

Netmoe is a serious Call of Duty gamer and he demand the best out of his gaming controllers which prompted him to custom this PS3 wireless Namco gun controller. while giving his NERF gun a paint job, he thought why not mashed up a NERF gun with a PS3 wireless controller? however, after accessing the NERF gun, he found it to be an unsuitable candidate. eventually, he managed to source a Namco wired PS3 gun controller which he proceeds to gut it and squeeze the innards from a PS3 wireless controller in. Netmoe even topped it off with a nice camouflage paint job and a NERF gun rail which enables it to attach a NERF gun sight. Netmoe’s Namco gun-PS3 dual shock controller mashed up has all the buttons of the original PS3 controller plus an additional ‘X’ button located on the left side of the gun handle allowing for running and jumping at the same time. check out the video of Netmoe’s build process after the jump. Continue reading Namco gun got mashed up with PS3 dual shock contoller