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winner for OZAKI iCarry FaceTime Stand Giveaway

OZAKI iCarry FaceTime Stand - winner announced!
(image: OZAKI/mikeSHOUTS)

response for this giveaway is not as good as we have expected, nevertheless, we still do have a winner. congratulations to Juan Manuel Saldarriaga! we have already send you a message and once we hear from Juan with the necessary shipping details, we will be sending out the OZAKI iCarry FaceTime Stand asap. cheers!

OZAKI iCarry FaceTime Stand Giveaway

OZAKI iCarry FaceTime Stand with Powerless Amplifier
(credit: OZAKI)

it is the time again to give away free stuff on [email protected] this time round, we have an authentic OZAKI iCarry FaceTime Stand with Powerless Amplifier to give away. we love this accessory the moment we first set eyes on it and we want one lucky reader to have this for free – courtesy of this blog. honestly, powerless amplification or natural amplification, as we like to call it, for iPhone 4 is a dime a dozen in the market and you probably already own at least one. however, what makes this little device here stands out is probably its design. fashioned after the famous LEGO bricks, albeit being a little over size, this nifty gadget promised to deliver more than 15dB of power-free audio amplification and also doubles as a convenient stand for your iPhone 4 or 4S for use with FaceTime or watching video. Continue reading OZAKI iCarry FaceTime Stand Giveaway

video: official trailer of the upcoming Grand Theft Auto V

GTA V official teaser trailer 900x405px
(image: screenshot from trailer video)

if you haven’t heard about this, then you are probably not a huge fan of the Grand Theft Auto franchise. then again, you could be too busy like yours truly here and missed this awesome teaser trailer of this great action-adventure cum crime spree game. whether you are too busy or not a hardcore fan, it doesn’t really matter cos’ we think the teaser trailer is awesome enough to makes us sit up and anticipate its arrival – hopefully, on Playstation 3 too as well. traditionally, GTA has never been great on the graphic department but what captures us is the unsurpassed gameplay, and perhaps its ability to satisfy our secret inner desire to commit looting, carjacking and the likes. Continue reading video: official trailer of the upcoming Grand Theft Auto V

video: check out Microsoft’s vision of future productivity

Microsoft's vision of future productivity 600x339px
(image: screenshot from Productivity Future Vision video)

ever wonder what the future will be like? or perhaps, how the future technology development will impact our daily personal and work lives? well, wait no further as Microsoft is letting you in on their vision of the productivity of the future. so how future is it going to be? i shall not speculate. the video depicts an exciting prospect but being a skeptic, i am, well… skeptical about it but i guess a little dream won’t hurt. as a tech enthusiast, i secretly look forward to that vision, however, the skeptic in me tells me that we have to do something about the infrastructure. so what’s my wish for the future? i don’t have the expense or talent to create a video to portray my vision, so as such, i shall sum up my wish in a few words: a bugless society. can Microsoft or anyone, for that matter, guarantee that? oh well, that’s just my rambling, let’s just get on with this interesting vision in the video after the break. again, no tech aficionados would want to miss this. Continue reading video: check out Microsoft’s vision of future productivity

video: Actroid-F female humanoid now has a brother

Actroid-F realistic female humanoid now has a brother 900x515px
(image: screenshot from video)

remember the Actroid-F female humanoid that we featured a year ago? well, a year on, this female robot gets a new robot brother. it’s creator, AIST, has often been pitched with the question on why they create female robot, so they decided that its high time to give the male version a go. essentially, both robots are the same in terms of its working mechanics and only the wig and some cosmetics set the brother and sister robots apart. creating a male version also allows AIST to compare the impressions made by male and female robots to the subjects. in addition to the male humanoid, the duo are now equipped with cameras placed inside their retinas, thus enabling the robots to direct their line of sight towards a subject which inherently, makes them even more life-like and believable. Continue reading video: Actroid-F female humanoid now has a brother

video: The Avengers official theatrical trailer is finally out

The Avengers Official Trailer screenshot 900x429px
(image: screenshot from YouTube video)

finally, one of the most anticipated star-studded cast movie of 2012, The Avengers has released its first official theatrical trailer. so expect lots of explosions and super heroes like Captain America, Iron Man, Black Widow, Thor and the Hulk in the trailer. having grown up with Marvel, naturally, i am excited about this movie but i try not associate it with the comic too closely, you know, just to avoid any unnecessary disappointment. oh, one more thing about the green monster, it is not Eric Banner or Edward Norton – if you haven’t already know. good or bad, you decide? i love the trailer and like most people out there, the words that captured us most are… Continue reading video: The Avengers official theatrical trailer is finally out

expensive Red Epic camera gets a lift from OM-Copter

OMSTUDIOS OM-copter 900x500px
(photos: screenshot from Vimeo video)

radio control helicopters and aircrafts with onboard camera are nothing new but a flying contraption with a $60k camera slung underneath it, is definitely the first that we have seen and we consider it as an incredible brave act. come on, why wouldn’t it consider a brave act when a $60K RED Epic camera is slung underneath a radio control flying machine with eight tiny motors driving eight not-so-big propellers? that’s what exactly German special effect firm, OMSTUDIOS did and you can witness it in the video after the break. apparently, the folks over at the OMSTUDIOS designed this machine to take the place of crane for shooting from the air. the OM-Copter, as it is called, is capable of soaring up to 150 meters into the sky for aerial shots. sounds like a pretty good idea but i hope the creator has packed enough circuitry and gyros to take the beating from the winds when this thing goes higher up into the sky. Continue reading expensive Red Epic camera gets a lift from OM-Copter

witness the World’s Fastest Couch in action

world fastest couch 544x311px
(image: screenshot from YouTube video)

when it comes to furniture, the words ‘World’s Fastest’ hardly come into play, except if your furniture – a couch, in this instant – has an internal combustion engine under the hood, or should i say, under the seat. that’s truly one hot seat that would require you to don a full racing suit, racing shoes, and of course, a helmet when piloting it. especially so when it could hit 101 mph (163.12 km/h). this world record holder for the world’s fastest couch comes complete with a table (and a bowl of fruits to boot), not because of complimenting sake but rather, a necessity to improve its aerodynamic performance. this is one furniture that should compliment Perry Watkins’ world’s fastest dinning table and also betters Chris McIntosh’s leisure motorized recliner chair. Continue reading witness the World’s Fastest Couch in action

news: Steve Jobs dies at aged 56, Apple pays tribute to Jobs

Steve Jobs 1955-2011 544x400px
(image: Apple)

Apple has announced in a statement on Wednesday, October 5, that the Apple co-founder and former CEO Steve Jobs has passed away. at the time of his death Jobs was 56 years of age. often considered as one of the greatest American CEOs of our time, Jobs died after a year long and highly publicized battle with a rare form of pancreatic cancer. when Jobs stepped down as a CEO in August, the world – tech industry watchers and consumers, alike – worries what will become of this tech company that literally reshaped the landscape for consumer electronics and now that he’s gone, what lies ahead of Apple is even more a mystery. Continue reading news: Steve Jobs dies at aged 56, Apple pays tribute to Jobs

sorry folks, no iPhone 5 but there’s the iPhone 4S

Apple iPhone 4S 640x608px
(image: Apple) Apple iPhone 4S | from US$199(with contract) |

finally, the anticipation is over and first, the bad news. the dream of bigger screen and an all-new design, aka iPhone 5, is blown. yeap, there’s no iPhone 5 after all but the good news is, there’s really an iPhone 4S. iPhone 4S is essentially an iPhone 4 with new guts and more memory, and when combined, should run your apps faster. and then, there is the Siri, a personal assistant that uses voice commands for organizing your life and an all-new 8.0-megapixels rear-facing camera with several tweaks. under the hood, the iPhone 4S is now equipped with faster processor and graphics. since there isn’t much to shout about in term of design, let’s take a short run down of some of the more notable enhancements over the current iPhone 4. there’s an official iPhone 4S intro video available after the break. Continue reading sorry folks, no iPhone 5 but there’s the iPhone 4S