Guy Mods Roomba To Scream And Swear When It Bumps Into Stuff

There are crazy mods and inventions, and then there is this: a swearing Roomba. “Hacked” by foul mouth YouTuber Michael Reeves, this Roomba is no longer suffering in silence when it bumps into stuff; it now announced its pain verbally The way this vocal Roomba screams and swears when it knocked into walls and furniture, […]

Man Swallows An Apple AirPod While Sleeping, Found Out It Is Still Working After He Pooped It Out

Here’s a bizarre news to start your day (or to wrap up your day, depending on where you are). There are actually two levels of bizarre here. First, how the hell one managed to “accidentally” swallow an AirPod while asleep!? And second, believe it or not, Find My iPhone actually works even when the AirPod […]

Giant 1×4 LEGO Brick Spotted On The Road In Billund, Denmark

A massive yellow ‘LEGO Brick’ was spotted on a trailer bed hauled by a truck in Billund, Denmark (with a safety vehicle hot on its heel, as it appears). It was a gigantic 1×4 piece that, technically, should be a plate than a brick, but given the scale of this piece, it is debatable. That […]

This Adorable Cat Was Why A Man Struggles To Breathe Every Night

Lomphonten Lomphontan is a regular Thai dude who live with his pet cat, a tabby named Achi. But here’s the thing: Lomphontan found himself struggling to breathe every night when he sleeps and yet, he isn’t diagnosed with sleep apnea or asthma, and he most definitely isn’t allergic to cat which the headline may have […]

Ford Made A Shopping Trolley That Self-brakes To Prevent Collision

Clearly, in an effort to promote its pre-collision assist technology, Ford has developed a prototype, wait for this… shopping trolley. But not just any supermarket trolley (or shopping cart, if you will), mind you. It is one that’s capable of self-braking if it detects an imminent collision. Under normal circumstances, supermarket trolley don’t collide into […]

These Fake Cleavage Photos Are So Real That It Drew Real Lewd Comments

When a lady puts her body out there on social media, it is bound to draw lewd comments from pervs. Seriously, are we going to pretend that there aren’t any perv out there? Perhaps, some of us do, but as far as German actress model Palina Rojinski is concerned, enough is enough because, she’s a […]

There’s Nothing Wrong With Your Eyes, These McDonald’s Ads Are Intentionally Blurred

Not because of censorship. Apparently, McDonald’s in Puerto Rico wants to prove how recognizable the brand is in the country (or something along that line). With the help of Puerto Rico-based creative agency TBWA\San Juan, McDonald’s rolled out a series of ads that is sure to make you rub your eyes, double take on what […]

5 Proven Strategies To Protect Customer Data With Employee Monitoring Software

As more and more organizations collect and store customer data of various kinds it is worrying that the number of data breach events are increasing. While some events are caused by external threats, a significant number stem from sources that are closer to home.

Once Upon A Time, A Japanese Tried To Crowdfund 360-Degree VR Videos Of Women Cycling

This piece of news may be very late, but the content of it makes it a news on any given day. Late or not, it does not matter because, I had a good laugh and so, I think it would be sin not to share it with you guys – even if it is nearly […]

How To Deal With A Data Breach In The Workplace

If the likes of Yahoo, Google and Apple can be hacked, then there is always a chance that your company isn’t completely safe from a data breach. Hackers are getting more resourceful and threatening every day, with cybercrime reaching an all-time high in recent years. So, if such an unfortunate incident does indeed affect your […]