Factors To Think About When Deciding On A University

Deciding on which university you want to go to is probably one of the first major decisions you’ve made for yourself as if you are just leaving college life to progress to university, then your school choices were probably made either by your parents or with their help. Whereas a university choice should be on […]

Cat Remained Nonchalant After “Knocking” Guy On TV Off His Bike

Cats are infamous for being asshats. It is kind of their nature to be one, really. It ain’t a cat if he/she isn’t a total dick. They have no qualms about pulling off the worst pranks ever on you or on his/her fellow furry friends (dogs included). That’s fact. But what you may not know […]

The Boring Company Shows You How Fast Is It To Travel In Its Tunnel

Just in case the public forgot what it is doing, Elon Musk’s The Boring Company uploaded a video to YouTube to show how fast it is to travel in its tunnel. In the video, two Tesla set off from O’Leary Station, one taking the regular surface roads, traveling alongside a bunch of other road users, […]

World’s Smallest McDonald’s Opens For “Business” In Sweden

McDonald’s Sweden is now home to the world’s smallest McDonald’s restaurant and despite its diminutive size, it has room to “serve” thousands of guests. However, the “guests” here aren’t humans; they are honest to god, hardworking honey bees. So, yeah, it is a fully functional beehive designed to look like a McDonald outlet which, not […]

How Technology Has Changed The Way We Learn Forever

Today we are well into the digital age, and the use of technology and it’s increasing advancements are shaping the way that we do almost everything from communicating to shopping, working, learning and even eating. Whether we’re ordering new clothes online, working remotely using cloud-based software, communicating face-to-face with family in another country using FaceTime […]

Today I Found Out That Digital Tombstone Became A Thing In 2017

How could we have missed this major oddity back in 2017? We are talking the supposed world’s first digital tombstone that appeared in Slovenia back in 2017. Digital tombstone, btw, is not quite a virtual tombstone as one might have imagined. It is the traditional tombstone of granite or whatnot, but with a large, wait […]

Not Quite Ready to Deploy Chatbots? How to Effectively Use Your IVR

IVR systems are becoming more and more ubiquitous by the day. Case in point: Any time customers call a business directly, their first interaction almost always begins in a digital manner. To help offset popular misconceptions about IVR that can lead to poor experience, some companies are starting to use automated chatbots to create what […]

Guy Mods Roomba To Scream And Swear When It Bumps Into Stuff

There are crazy mods and inventions, and then there is this: a swearing Roomba. “Hacked” by foul mouth YouTuber Michael Reeves, this Roomba is no longer suffering in silence when it bumps into stuff; it now announced its pain verballyhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mvz3LRK263E. The way this vocal Roomba screams and swears when it knocked into walls and furniture, […]

Man Swallows An Apple AirPod While Sleeping, Found Out It Is Still Working After He Pooped It Out

Here’s a bizarre news to start your day (or to wrap up your day, depending on where you are). There are actually two levels of bizarre here. First, how the hell one managed to “accidentally” swallow an AirPod while asleep!? And second, believe it or not, Find My iPhone actually works even when the AirPod […]

Giant 1×4 LEGO Brick Spotted On The Road In Billund, Denmark

A massive yellow ‘LEGO Brick’ was spotted on a trailer bed hauled by a truck in Billund, Denmark (with a safety vehicle hot on its heel, as it appears). It was a gigantic 1×4 piece that, technically, should be a plate than a brick, but given the scale of this piece, it is debatable. That […]