Klipsch Heritage Theater Bar Is A Super High-end, Customizable Sound Bar

If you are looking for a sound bar that packs a lot of punch and money is no object, well, then you may want to take a look at this impressive audio hardware from specialist audio equipment maker, Klipsch. Featuring furniture-grade wood veneer in a selection of finishes and a selection of grill colors, Klipsch […]

Yamaha Has A Budget Sound Bar That Is Big On Sound

These days, budget sound bar is all the rage. Polk Audio has it. Vizio has a few of them. More recently, we saw SONOS introducing one and now, it’s Yamaha’s turn. Meet the Yamaha YAS-108 Sound Bar, the newest sound bar from the multidisciplinary multinational corporation. The YAS-108 is a follow up to the YAS-106 […]

This Is Beam, SONOS Most Affordable Smart Soundbar Yet

SONOS has always been a premium, but not anymore. It all changes this July when the newly-announced SONOS Beam Smart Soundbar hits the stores. Billed as “the world’s most versatile smart speaker for both TV and Music,” SONOS Beam promised to deliver rich sound experience for movies, TV shows, music and whatnot, while supporting over […]

JBL LINK BAR With Android TV Wants To Do What Roku Did To TV

Looks like Google is determined to make everything hands-free. The search giant’s Google Assistant is already in a myriad of gadgets and it is now coming to soundbar too, starting with a collaboration with premium audio maker, JBL. Called JBL LINK BAR powered by Android TV, it is a new gadget that will turn your […]

Polk Audio’s Amazon Alexa-enabled Sound Bar Opens For Pre-order

It seems like even makers of high performance audio like Polk Audio cannot resist the draw of Alexa and hence, the existence of the Command Bar, an Alexa-enabled sound bar, or as Polk Audio described it, “the home theater sound bar system with Amazon Alexa Built-in.” First unveiled at the CES 2018 earlier this year, […]

Meet Creative X-Fi Sonic Carrier, A Sound Bar With A Whopping 17 Drivers

We must be living under the rock when our minds were blown by Sennheiser’s 14-speaker sound bar. Clearly, we have not hear about Creative’s monstrous offering. Now, the Singapore-based, publicly-traded tech firm is not quite known for audiophile-grade equipment – much less audiophile-grade sound bar, but that does not stop the granddaddy of PC sound […]

This Year, Sony Wants You To Party With An Upright BoomBox

Party animals, specifically those who love to make a disco out of their home or just about anywhere, you will be glad that Sony has just the right equipment for you. No, it is not a DJ console (but it can do that too). It is what Sony called “high-power home audio systems.” Altogether, there […]

Razer Nommo Speakers, World’s First Battery-free Wireless Mouse And More

Razer has quite a bit to show at this year’s CES. In addition to the bold ambition of fusing Razer Phone to a laptop in Project Linda, it has also introduced an all-new desktop speaker for desktop computers, the world’s first battery-less wireless gaming mouse with charging mouse pad, and Chroma-enabled home through Philips Lighting.

Sennheiser Is Going To Make A Monster Sound Bar With 13 Drivers

It is clear by now that the market for sound bar is a force businesses can’t ignore. With the shrinking house size and the appreciation for minimal clutter by consumers, sound bar is the one audio equipment that has been exerting quite a significant draw in recent years. And you know it is indeed a […]

Sony Unveiled World’s First Dolby Atmos Soundbar Along With A Super Compact Soundbar

With the advancement in sound bar, there is really no reason to clutter your home with multiple speakers, and if you concur with our views, you may want to know the still-striving Japanese electronic giant, Sony, has served up two handsome examples at this year’s CES. The first being the world’s Dolby Atmos sound bar, […]