The Future Of Cargo Delivery Will Be Hyperloop-enabled

As companies are racing to realize Hyperloop, Virgin Hyperloop One has teamed up with DP World, a global expert in trade and supply chain logistics, to develop the next revolution in cargo transportation. By now, you may have already guessed, Virgin Hyperloop One and DP World are joining hands to take Hyperloop One technology to […]

Designworks And Virgin Hyperloop One Unveiled Dubai Hyperloop Capsule

If there is one place in this world to see high-tech, world-class transportation first hand, it would be the UAE. The Middle East kingdom is the first country to get autonomous flying transportation (and “flying” bike, if we may add) and now, it might very well become the first to realize the next modern marvel […]

Virgin Invests In Hyperloop One, Rebrand It As Virgin Hyperloop One

Richard Branson’s Virgin may have shrunk in the air travel industry, but it has never stop looking to new ways of moving people. While busy preparing to take folks to space (among the many other things), Virgin Group has found time to check out the what-could-be the next generation of mass transportation system: Hyperloop. On […]

Hyperloop One Vehicle Levitates In Full-scale Test, Made Major Milestone

Hyperloop One has made another major milestone since the first propulsion open-air test. The Hyperloop One test vehicle, or more correctly, a sled, hurled down the near-vacuum test track and levitated by the virtue of magnetic levitation for a good 3 seconds before coming to a halt on its own. The first full scale system […]

Hyperloop Competition Finalist Hits Crowdfunding To Realize Prototype

I am sure you guys heard of Hyperloop, the bold mass transportation system dreamed up by Elon Musk that, if realized, will shake up the public transit system and a threat to short-range airline industry. The idea of Hyperloop is based on pneumatic tube transportation which sees capsules or pods zipping along low-pressure tubes. The […]

Hyperloop One Zips From 0-110 mph in 1.1 Seconds In Its First Open-air Test

Today’s biggest newest of May 11 was probably the Hyperloop One first Propulsion Open-air Test (or POAT). The test, as the name suggests, is to reaffirm the company’s custom high-tech propulsion of the future tubed transportation system. The event was held in the desert, some 35 miles north of Las Vegas in Nevada and it […]

China’s Newest Maglev Train Prototype Is A 600 Km/h Speed Demon

The future of short-mid range travel is not by air. Elon Musk himself acknowledges this fact and even pitched the idea of Hyperloop system. China knew very well of this fact too which explains the country’s obsession with rail network with astounding speeds. The latest is this: a magnetic levitation (Maglev) train prototype unveiled by […]

The Boring Company Demoed Test Tunnel, Albeit At A Boring 40 MPH

Like everyone else, Elon Musk loathes traffic jam. His distaste for this ‘side effect’ of urbanization is so deep that it prompted the billionaire entrepreneur to take matter into his own hands. First, he pitted the idea of Hyperloop, a fast interstate mass transportation system, and then he decided to solve city jams with a […]

Dahir Insaat’s Gyroscopic Public Transportation Needs To Happen Now

The public transportation we know today is hardly futuristic. At least is not as what many sci-fi movies and novels described it to be. Flying cars? Nope. People zipping from point A to point B in tubes? Nope. Teleportation? Not a chance, if you don’t wish to end up with arms as your lower limbs. […]

Cabin Sleeper Bus: Sleep Like A Boss When Getting From LA To SF

The quickest way to shuttle between Los Angeles and San Francisco is hopping onto a plane which will take an hour twenty or so, but that’s not including the jam you will most definitely encounter when trying to get into LAX and lets not forget about the security checks and stuff. You could choose to […]