The first Products From The Collab Between Bandai And Takara Tomy Revealed

Crossover of properties from the same brand, such as in the case of Transformers x G.I. Joe, is without hurdle. So is a crossover between brands that aren’t in the same industry, such as in the case of BAPE and Mattel. However, collab or crossover is nearly impossible for rival companies in the same industry …

LEGO Ideas Jazz Quartet (21334) Has A Quite A Handful Of Display Options

If you are a jazz person who has never gotten into LEGO, well then the new LEGO Ideas Jazz Quartet (21334) may just get you hooked. The 1,606-piece set is a build-and-display set based on LEGO Ideas submission by Taiwan-based LEGO enthusiast Hsinwei Chi.

LEGO Ideas Freightliner Is What LEGO Optimus Prime’s Alt Mode Should Look Like

The recently released LEGO Creator Optimus Prime was cool, but it is far from perfect. It has no actual knees, it does not come with the trailer, and the truck mode is far from the Freightliner FL86 silhouette on which the G1 cartoon Prime is based.

Wearable Iron Man And Captain America Helmets With Bluetooth Speaker Stands

Remember Killerbody? The RC car body maker that has branched out to build wearable Iron Man suits and wearable character helmets/Bluetooth speakers? Well, these guys have more of the latter.

Clever LEGO MOC Combined 2 LEGO Iron Man Sets To Form A UCS-worthy LEGO Iron Man Figure

Let’s talk LEGO Marvel Iron Man (76206). We did not mention it here when it was introduced late last year because we thought it looks awful. Being a toy targeted at kids 9 and up does not give Iron Man excuses to skip gym days. Seriously, just looked at the arms and legs, and don’t …

Check Out This LEGO MOC Of A Micro-scale Millennium Falcon Blasting Off A Micro-city

The LEGO UCS Millennium Falcon propped up a hyperdrive trail by Jason V Joiner was one of the most viewed images on our Pinterest in 2019 and for obvious reasons. It was a sight to behold.