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Mokurokku Wooden LEGO Bricks

have you ever wondered why LEGO bricks are in plastic and not any other materials such as wood? well, we don’t have an answer for you but you could actually find out in person how wooden ‘LEGO’ bricks work out for your creations (or your kids’) by purchasing the Mokurokku Wooden LEGO Bricks. it comes in a set of 50 bricks, bagged in a cloth bag and it looks like this Mokurokku set only offers one type of brick: the 2 x 4s. the wooden ‘LEGO’ bricks are crafted from real woods such as maple and birch, and are sized precisely to fit the real LEGO bricks or so we read. Continue reading Mokurokku Wooden LEGO Bricks


the first smartphone controlled robot, it is not but still, the LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3 is one heck of ‘toy’ that both children (10 years and up) and grown ups can enjoy. we shall not delve into the MINDSTORMS’ beginning some fifteen years ago cos’ what you really need to know is how awesome this latest incarnation is. this third generation robotic kit from the Danish firm features a Linux-based controller, dubbed the EV3 intelligent brick, powered by an ARM processor. with this new ‘brain’, it also marks the first time you can program commands directly into the controller without being tethered to a computer. Continue reading LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3

LEGO Technic 4X4 Crawler

Christmas is over but that doesn’t mean you should stop buying. having said that, when an object of desire crosses your path, any day is a gifting day – that’s at least for yourself. we call that doing yourself a favor. anyway, in this particular instant, the LEGO Technic 4X4 Crawler would be one such ‘object of desire’. the LEGO Technic 4X4 Crawler consists of 1,327 elements that gives you a choice of creating one of the two models: a 4X4 Crawler or a 4X4 Off-road Truck. like any Technic set, the fun doesn’t end when the build it completed: Continue reading LEGO Technic 4X4 Crawler

Custom Movie Action Figures

Custom Movie Action Figures
Custom Movie Action Figures | from US$24.95

we know what are you thinking. you must be thinking, ‘yeah, custom movie action figures. so what? i have loads of Star Wars man-folks collectibles stash my basement’. but we are not talking about those kid-friendly, parent-happy man’s version of barbie dolls. instead, what we are talking about are action figures that will probably make parents frown in objection. just think about it, would your parents buy you a maniac killer like Jason from Friday the 13th or a character from Dawn of the Dead? we doubt so. however, now that you are grown up and in control of your life, you could – by collecting these custom movie action figures. Continue reading Custom Movie Action Figures

Phantom X AX Hexapod

Phantom X AX Hexapod
Phantom X AX Hexapod | US$1,199.95 |

generally, we are fascinated by robotic developments and even more thrilled if it can be bought and further hacked to whatever we desire but we can’t say the same for the Phantom X AX Hexapod. while we are excited by it being a robot, its freakish agility and realism that somehow betters its living counterpart, kind of creeps us out. this giant size robotic spider scuttles like a real flesh and blood arachnids (probably much faster) and its creepiest capability, if it even can be considered as a ‘capability’, is that it will still remain the fast plastic-metal creepy crawly even when you flip it over. Continue reading Phantom X AX Hexapod

Bandit Guns – Rubber Band Shotgun

Bandit Guns - Rubber Band Shotgun
Bandit Guns | from US$20.00 |

we usually outgrow our toys soon enough but one category of toys that we will probably not grow out of are toy guns. that’s probably why we have Airsoft and paintball guns for grown up (shooting) amusements. anyway, if you take this all time favorite and give it a little throw back, what you get is the nostalgic rubber band shooter but not just any rubber band gun, it’s the Bandit Guns, a rubber band shotgun that uses pump action to let loose your rubber band ammo in a choice of three ways: pump once and pull the trigger for single shot, hold the trigger and pump rapidly for rapid shots Continue reading Bandit Guns – Rubber Band Shotgun

Fiat Mefistofele by Playsam

Fiat Mefistofele by Playsam
Fiat Mefistofele by Playsam | 648.00 SEK |

based on the Fiat Mefistofele that brit Ernest Eldridge driven to break the World Land Speed Record at Arpajon, France in 1924, this illustrative model is Scandinavian design firm Playsam’s take on the legendary vehicle. designed by Jonas Forsberg, this classic toy version of the Fiat Mefistofele is of wooden construction and follows Playsam’s mantra of creative, playful design that’s accompanied by simplistic lines. for the uninitiated, back in 1924, Sir Ernest Eldridge turned the shattered remains of a FIAT into a 350 hp monster (260 kW) Continue reading Fiat Mefistofele by Playsam

Griffin MOTO TC Monster & Racer

Griffin MOTO TC Monster and MOTO TC Racer
Griffin MOTO TC Monster & Racer | from US$29.99 |

for most part, the invasion of iPhone almost seems unstoppable. it take cares of your appointment, your entertainment needs (movies, music and all), and it also sees to your reading needs. so why stop there? how about letting it be the control of your remote control toy trucks? joining Griffin’s HELO TC and HELO TC Assault is the duo Griffin MOTO TC Monster and MOTO TC Racer, catering to those who prefer to keep their feet on the ground. kicking off the pair is the MOTO TC Monster truck, a Bluetooth-controlled monster truck, controllable by iPhone Continue reading Griffin MOTO TC Monster & Racer

Brookstone Rover 2.0 App-Controlled Spy Tank

Brookstone Rover 2.0 App-Controlled Spy Tank
Brookstone Rover 2.0 App-Controlled Spy Tank | US$149.99 |

did the James Bond movies of the recent years rekindle your passion for a career in espionage? if yes, then you can keep your spying skills sharp with this sleek Rover 2.0 App-Controlled Spy Tank by Brookstone. as the 2.0 in product name implies, it is a follow-up to the original Rover launched last year and befitting its 2.0 namesake, are several improvements over its predecessor which includes 25 percent faster speed necessary for evading any pursuing enemies, stealth mode for piloting it with the headlights off, guided by its night vision-capable camera Continue reading Brookstone Rover 2.0 App-Controlled Spy Tank


NERF LAZER TAG | from US$39.99 |

nostalgic is a word easily defined by a dictionary but we can’t really explain the phenomena, especially when the object in question is rebooted with the touch of modern technology or improvement, such as the NERF LAZER TAG Double Blaster Pack. what makes this new old (laser) gunslinging game so special is the inclusion of an iPhone or iPod Touch into the mix. a conveniently located slot holds your iOS device where the device plays duty as a cool heads-up display which offers an increased firing range of 250 feet and augmented reality if you intend on playing as a lone wolf. Continue reading NERF LAZER TAG