Mark Rober Created The Most Courteous Car Honk Ever

If a car can talk, the horn would be its voice and the only vocabulary it ever knew was ‘honk’ which, as most car drivers can agree on, is not exactly the most pleasant sound. There’s no emotion to it. You can’t really tell if it is a friendly honk or otherwise. The best way […]

Artist Claims To Have Used CGI Photo For ID Card And We Totally Believe Him

Look at the above photo. It does look like a overly touched up, but otherwise a fairly regular photo, right? Actually, it is not. To be honest, before I read the headline, I had this thought: “why does this portrait photo look so fake?” Well, looks like my suspicion was not unfound. This “photo” was […]

Motorized PET Bottle Lets You Uncap The Bottle With A Smartphone App

Japanese maker of electric motors for various consumer products, Nidec Corporation, has came up with an interesting promotional video that peddles a supposed Motorized Smart PET Bottle. Now, by the product name alone, you will be clueless about how ‘smart’ the bottle is, or what it actually does. So allow me to introduce you to […]

Skittles Removed The Rainbow, Goes White For Pride Month

What happens if you remove colors from something? Should colorless represented by white? This is kind of a mystery in life, but for Mars’ Skittles, they seem to think that removing the rainbow colors from the usual colorful sweets should result in white and hence the Skittles Limited Edition Fruit Sweets – in white, save […]

Rally Car Catching Some Air Nearly Took Out A Drone In Its Path

Drone has become a norm and so are the incidents of drone being taken out of the sky accidentally or intentionally. In a recent incident, a low-flying drone attempt to capture a spectacular footage of an oncoming rally car, a Toyota WRC piloted by Esapekka Lappi, catching some air, but unfortunately it got in the […]

Cinnamon Whisky Gummy Bears Are A Thing, But They Won’t Make You High

I know no one who have the love for both fiery whisky and gummy bears, but I should be wise enough not to assume that no one love both and also, I should not assume that whisky-loving, or gummy bears-loving folks, never wished for whisky-loaded gummy bears. If it exists, I am sure it will […]

Ikea Designers Live In Mars Simulator For Design Inspiration

When designers are cracking their brains for space-saving furniture, they probably need not look further than typical urban tiny spaces. But as it turns out, tiny spaces aren’t enough for Ikea. The Swedish furniture giant has sent some of the company’s designers to live inside the Mars simulator, so they’d have the first hand understanding […]

Skincare Company Has Umbrella Corp Logo And That’s Not The Brightest Idea

You know what’s one of the worst things that can happen to a business? To find out that the logo it uses happen to be one already been used by someone. Ok. That’s probably not the worst. The worst in this copyright infringement situation is, to find out the logo belongs to a fictional company […]

Gunsticles Give Your Firearm Balls And Yes, Gun Nuts Is A Thing

Believe or not, gun nuts is a thing now. I know it sounds a little wacky, or even weird, but like I said, it is a real thing and surely, this being 2017, nothing is quite impossible, really – including gun testicles. Developed by Working Rich Laboratories, the aptly named Gunsticles was born out of […]

Upcoming Blowjob Cafe In London Will Be Staffed By Sex Robots

It looks like Bradley Charvet’s plan for a blowjob cafe in London appeared to have met with stumbling blocks. But not all hopes are lost for Londoners because, apparently, Charvet is pushing forth with the plan, but this time, instead of actual human escorts, cafe-goers will be treated to an early morning blowjob, AKA fellatio, […]