Pinkie - The Barbiest Pink Acrylic Paint by Stuart Semple

Artist Stuart Semple is better known for his crusade against color exclusivity than his art. The artist is best known for his beef with artist Anish Kapoor for owning the exclusive rights to the blackest black by concocting his own version and putting it up on sale for everyone to buy. Recently, the British artist strikes again, this time taking a stand against Mattel’s trademark of “Barbie Pink” which gives the toy maker the exclusive rights to the color which is synonymous with the world’s famous doll.

Pinkie - The Barbiest Pink Acrylic Paint by Stuart Semple

With the belief that nobody should own a color, Semple created a new fluorescent shade of pink which he called Pinkie – The Barbiest Pink. Official description:

“Pinkie uses a special blend of high quality acrylic resins, optical brighteners and new fluorescent pigments to make a lush flat matte pink so bright your screen can’t show you the vibrancy.”

While the highly pigmented fluorescent matt pink acrylic paint is available to everyone, it is, however, not for sale to Mattel, its staff, or anyone who is affiliated with Mattel. You should not be purchasing on Mattel’s behalf too, according to the product page.

Pinkie - The Barbiest Pink Acrylic Paint by Stuart Semple

If you are down, you may pre-order the Pinkie – The Barbiest Pink in 5 fl oz (150 ml) from Culture Hustle for US$53. The product is expected to start shipping on July 31, 2023.

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Images: Stuart Semple/Culture Hustle.

via artnet.