By now, I am sure you have heard about Tide Pod, the detergent from Tide that is packaged somewhat like gel candies. Obviously, they are not. Now, you may be asking ‘why would anyone blur the line, so to speak, between whats edible and what’s not?’ I don’t know. Perhaps, they look nice. Well, that’s the problem. It looks so colorful that it spun off a series of memes and a satirical article by The Onion, and even College Humor made a comic short about it.

All were relatively harmless until the Tide Pod Challenge surfaced with reports of teenagers poisoned from eating the colorful pods. Sigh. Teens these days… Clearly, detergents aren’t meant to be ingested. Why they are not was best summarized by VOX:

“Comparisons between the pods and pieces of candy abound. But Tide Pods are also predictably poisonous to the human body — filled, as they are, with concentrated laundry detergent — and thus are not intended for consumption.”

Tide Pod and the World of Yummy Non-edible Products
Credit: Tide.

However, we are not here to put the blame of Tide Pod because, it isn’t alone in the “world of Forbidden Snacks.” That said, we want to draw your attention to subreddit that digs into non-edible or even poisonous consumer products that are more threats to human body than being treats. You’d be surprised. Tide Pod may have stirred up controversy and demonstrating the naivety of the YouTube generation, but there are more ‘yummy’ non-edibles out there, including toilet cleaner, fishing bait, candles, and the rat poison you see depicted in the feature image of this post.

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Image: Reddit.

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