Here’s The New Smart Toothbrush From Oral-B That Has Micro Vibrating Bristles

Personally, I prefer brushing teeth the good old ways. But for those who prefer a dose of tech, P&G’s Oral-B have just the high-tech oral care product for you. Dubbed Oral-B iO electric toothbrush, it claims to have “artificial intelligence and algorithms” to enable perfect brushing in 16 zones.

Wacky Tech: VR Toilet, Smell Sensing Toilet And A Robot That Brings You The Toilet Roll

The last you expect to see at CES is a toilet paper manufacturer and yet, here we are, seeing P&G’s Charmin at CES. But no, the company is not showing new toilet paper technology. In fact, Charmin is with Charmin GoLab to show three developments that are very much tech-related.

Tide Pod Is Not Alone In The World Of Yummy-looking Non-edible Products

By now, I am sure you have heard about Tide Pod, the detergent from Tide that is packaged somewhat like gel candies. Obviously, they are not. Now, you may be asking ‘why would anyone blur the line, so to speak, between whats edible and what’s not?’ I don’t know. Perhaps, they look nice. Well, that’s …