Security threat of our mobile devices just went up notch. Not only we have to be wary about wireless keystroke logger disguised as an innocence looking phone charger, we now have to stop using public USB ports too.

According to a warning put out by LA County District Attorney’s office, public USB ports can be hacked and loaded with malware that, when you plug your device in, will attempt to steal your personal data like passwords and even locking your device.

Headlined as “USB Charger Scam,” the DA warns travelers to avoid using public USB power charging stations in places like airports, hotels and other public locations as it could contain data-stealing malware.

This malicious act is also known as “juice hacking” and apparently, it is a threat real enough for the DA to issue a warning.

If do not want to save your from any unnecessary trouble, the best practice is not to use public USB ports like, ever. If you really have to juice up (and you will have to at some point on the road), charge using the wall outlet with your own AC adapter or bring along a couple of power banks for on-the-go charging.

You can learn more about this scam in detail over at the DA’s Office website.

Image: LA County DA’s Office.

Source: life hacker.

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