I am not fond of the Nissan GT-R. Especially not after what Carlos Ghosn did with it when he led the Japanese market into profitability (and he himself subsequently, falling from grace as we all have heard).

Anywho, as far as myself is concerned, Nissan’s legend died when the Skyline namesake and the inline six motor were both dropped. But then, I found myself ogling over this: a custom Nissan Stagea II that is rocking a R35 front end.

Custom Nissan Stagea II Put On Sale

Despite my dislike for the R35 and its nonsensical V engine that broke the Nissan GT-R tradition, I am intrigued. Before go further, for the benefit of the uninitiated, Nissan Stagea is a station wagon made by Nissan from 1996 to 2007 as Nissan’s answer to then hugely successful Subaru Legacy Touring wagon.

It was a domestic market-only vehicle which sometimes you can find one or two being imported into down under. Why the allure? Perhaps, it was because of the original WC34 Series not only had visual similarities to the Nissan Skyline, but also it had drivetrain options of the Skyline lineup of that time. There’s something oddly attractive about a supercar bearing the utility car look.

Custom Nissan Stagea II Put On Sale

Anywho, Nissan never made an official super station wagon like Mitsubishi did. However, some petrol heads did and the Nissan Stagea II you see here is one of them. This “Nissan Stagea II” is flouting a R35 front-end.

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A 2.5L turbocharged inline six motor (a RB25DE from a GTS-25 Type X, perhaps?) producing a healthy 280 HP is tucked away under the matching hood complete with NACA ducts as you will find on an actual R35 GT-R.

Notwithstanding it being over a decade and a half year-old, it has a reasonable 150,000 km (93,205 miles) on the odo. Anyways, this custom Nissan Stagea II is put for sale in Russia. It is currently listed on Auto.ru with an asking price of 1.1 million ruble, which works to be around $17,250.

Images: Auto.ru.

Source: Carscoops.

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