nightorange gives smart fortwo a new urban chic look

Special Edition Smart fortwo nightorange img1 544x311px
(image credit: Daimler) Special Edition Smart fortwo nightorange | from €13,995 |

unlike others in the auto industry who constantly wow us with new vehicles or concepts, Smart is keeping rather low-profile in recent months. i supposed, in order not to sink into the background of this industry, auto makers have to do something if have ran out of tricks in their sleeves. having said that, that might just what Smart is doing. it is giving us the special edition Smart fortwo, dubbed nightorange, and what do you know? it comes in orange and black hue. the nightorange, is essentially a cosmetic makeover for the fortwo and not a new model. Continue reading nightorange gives smart fortwo a new urban chic look

TES Concept T-Sports is Toyota’s affordable roadster?

Toyota TES concept T-sports img1 544x311px
(image credit: Autoguide)

just when i thought the heritage of budget roadsters are gone forever, then comes along a concept compact roadster from Toyota, dubbed the TES Concept T-Sports, unveiled recently at the Toyota Auto Salon. it is probably a sports roadster that sits somewhere between the Mazda MX5 and the Daihatsu Copen. how did this concept sports roadster came about? apparently, this prototype example was built by Toyota Engineering Society (TES), following up to a questionnaire that pitched the question on what sort of vehicles they thought Toyota needs to build. Continue reading TES Concept T-Sports is Toyota’s affordable roadster?

Zip and Unzip changes volume of your MP3 player

electricfoxy zip img1 544x311px
(image credit: Electricfoxy)

integrating technology into garment isn’t new and usually consists nothing more than addition of slits or holes for headphone wires to pass through, or for the more ‘advance’ style, would be the inclusion of photovoltaic cells. what if the cloths itself is the technology? i’m not talking about advance textiles here, it’s a jacket that incorporates a zipper that volumes up when you zip up and volumes down when zip down. simply known as Zip: Control your music is designed by Jennifer Damour of electricfoxy, who is no stranger experimental prototyping or better known for her social networking garment, Ping.

we are met with many dilemmas in our everyday life. this jacket could potentially add another to the list. how so? examples: if the lady is feeling cold, but can’t zip way up cos’ the music would be too loud or what iif it’s too warm, but she has to keep it zipped up to hear the music? to zip or not to zip? decision. decision. decision. before you come to decision, lets just enjoy some images of this beautifully designed jacket first or if you prefer moving images, check out the (equally beautiful) video after the images.

images bar 150x67 electricfoxy zip img1 440px electricfoxy zip img2 440px electricfoxy zip img3 440px
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this is probably the best kinect-controlled Android

Kinect-controlled Android Robot 544x311px
(image credit: Watani Yohizaki/Asura)

yet another Kinect-hack that controls an android but this time, Watani Yohizaki of Asura Engineering took it further with the Asura’s code that allows to robot to keep adjusting itself automatically to compensate the motions it makes to prevent itself from being thrown off balance and fall. articulations are not restricted to just the arms, the legs are completely articulated and balanced as demonstrated in the video, all thanks to power of the code. the robot in question is in the guised of HPI GR-001 which turns out to be a standard edition machine which requires no modding. wow. i totally impressed. Continue reading this is probably the best kinect-controlled Android

robotic ghost knifefish set to change how ROV swims

Robotic Ghost Knifefish img1 544x311px
(image credit: Kinea Design/Northwestern News)

SpiderOptic equipped ROVs might be a solution to the cumbersome cabled ROVs but engineering professor of McCormick School of Engineering and Applied Science, Malcolm Maclver, has another idea how ROV should move. it all began when one of the scientist, Oscar Curet, was fascinated by how a living knifefish moves. the robotic ghost knifefish takes its cue from the real-life knifefish behaviors in terms of omnidirectional sensing and omnidirectional movements. Continue reading robotic ghost knifefish set to change how ROV swims

Disney announced Android handsets in Japan

Disney Android Handset img1 544px
(image credit: Disney)

apparently, the folks over at Japan are big fans of Disney which justify the launch of the Disney branded Android phones. these Disney Android phones will features exclusive Disney themed wallpapers, widgets and apps. on the specs end, it will be running on Android 2.2 (aka Froyo) and rumored to spot a 3.8-inch WVGA glasses-free 3D touchscreen display, 1 GHz Snapdragon processor, a 9.6 megapixels camera with 720p video recording capability, micro SD card, among other features.

expected to be available in Japan in February, the Disney-branded Android handsets will, again, be a Japan-only gadget. hard luck for Disney fans from the rest of world.

Disney Android Handset img2 544px
from left to right: mouse-patterned white, pink, gold, the disney castle, minnie mouse polka dots, and a generic plant print

via fonearena

luxurious Swarovski crystals encrusted headphones

Swarovski DJ Headphones 544px
(image credit: Firebox) Swarovski DJ Headphones | £1,799.99 |

a pair of Swarovski crystals encrusted cans has just joined the world of bling-bling or pimp my cans, or whatever you call it. i can’t believe my eyes and the price tag on this pair of shimmering shiny cans when i first saw it (in picture, of course). basically some DJs decided that their usual black pair of cans doesn’t stand out as much when they were spinning the tunes and decided to cover a pair of Audio Technica ATH-M50 headphone all over with (what else?) Swarovski crystals. how’s that for the ultimate bling? want one? it’s available for pre-order over at Firebox for just under £1,800 (approximately US$2,862).

France could have the world’s fanciest fire station

French Concept Fire Station img1 544x311px
(image credit: Jean Marc Ibos Myrto Vitart)

French fire fighters could soon be residing in the world’s fanciest fire station while standing by for their call of duty. aside from the pleasing sight of a brightly lit contemporary architecture, the Porte Pouchet housing a fire station and the municipal motor transport, will come equipped with bedrooms, a restaurant, a glass-fence terrace featuring a running track and a full size soccer field for those sporting leisure time. designed by French architects Jean Marc Ibos Myrto Vitart, this concept building is definitely a great shift from the perceived boring fire stations of red bricks and dull grey concrete. from the visual presented, one would never guess that it is in fact a fire station. i bet the French fire fighters are keeping their fingers crossed, hoping this would be realized.

images bar 150x67 French Concept Fire Station img1 600px French Concept Fire Station img2 600px French Concept Fire Station img3 600px

via Fast Co. Design

old school pencil stylus for touch screen devices

Suck UK Touch-screen Stylus img1 544px
(image credit: Suck UK) Suck UK Touch-screen Stylus | £7.50 |

old-school lover? love stylus? well, just whip out this stylus with electro-conductive rubber in the form of an old-school pencil that you used to scribble or doodles on your classroom desk, i mean notepad while your elementary school teacher was babbling away. i was never a fan of stylus, which is probably why i embrace the capacitive touch screen so much but the touch-screen stylus from Suck UK is too ‘comically’ cute (it’s fat, alright?) to give it a pass. at least, worthy a post. the best part is, it works with both capacitive and resistive touch screens, therefore it will works on iOS and Androids devices, and even credit card swiping machine. i heard someone asking about the eraser… no, the eraser is purely for aesthetic purpose.

just imagine grabbing hold of your bud’s touch screen device and starts scribbling with the touch screen pencil which is going to give him a shock of his life. just make sure you have the correct pencil and not the real pencil, else it will turn into a really unpleasant scenario. don’t say we didn’t warn you. touch-screen stylus retails for £7.50 and it’s available via Suck UK online store.

RedEye Mini equips your iOS devices with infrared

ThinkFlood RedEye Mini img1 544px
(image credit: ThinkFlood) ThinkFlood RedEye Mini Universal Remote for iPhone and iPad | US$49.00 |

we have seen gadgets that turn your iOS devices into an universal remote control. while some are more sophisticated, some are just straight forward simple, like the ThinkFlood RedEye mini Universal Remote which uses infrared signals to control your TV, DVD, stereo system and pretty much anything that uses infrared signals. instead of a separate hardware to translate bluetooth or WiFi signals to infrared, the RedEye mini puts infrared on your iOS devices in the form of a petite 3.5mm jack-equipped dongle. of course, you will need the free app from ThinkFlood, simply called RedEye, to work.

running the RedEye mini is as simple as plugging it into your iOS devices headphone jack, launch the accompanying app and walah, you are in control. like all faithful universal remote tailored for iOS devices, the RedEye mini supports activity-based control, multi-touch, learning capability and of course, motion gestures. i can’t help but to feel the iPhone with the RedEye mini on, does look a little like an antenna stub. well, that’s an observation. RedEye mini retails at $49 and is available over at ThinkFlood website. i guess it’s the most affordable universal remote to date.

the RedEye mini works with 2nd to 4th generation iPod Touch, iPhone 3/3GS/4 and iPad running on iOS 3.0 or later.

images bar 150x67 ThinkFlood RedEye Mini img1 600px ThinkFlood RedEye Mini img2 600px ThinkFlood RedEye Mini img3 600px
images bar 150x67 ThinkFlood RedEye Mini img4 600px ThinkFlood RedEye Mini img5 600px

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