HP Slate 7 Android Tablet with Beats Audio

if you are in the market for a tablet with ‘big’ sound, then you are in luck. HP has announced the HP Slate 7 Android Tablet, the industry’s first slate to come equipped with Beats Audio. while not everyone is agreeable with Beats Audio, it is still a nice touch to have ‘better-than-stock’ audio on a tablet, and the best part is

LG Tab-Book Hybrid Tablet Notebook

can’t decide between a tablet or a notebook (i.e. laptop)? then look forward to this beautiful hybrid, dubbed the LG Tab-Book Hybrid Tablet Notebook that combines the best of both worlds. well, that’s if Windows is your OS of choice. set to grace the 2013 Mobile World Congress (February 25-28 in Barcelona, Spain), this latest offering from one of two Korean electronics juggernauts

LG Optimus G Pro Smartphone

how do you make a good phone even better? simple. just bump up its physical display and throw in full HD resolution, like what LG did for its new LG Optimus G Pro. the LG Optimus G Pro smartphone comes equipped with a 5.5-inch full HD IPS touchscreen display, the largest display yet to be fitted to a LG smartphone. the display is developed