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will ABB’s FRIDA replace human assembly workers?

ABB FRIDA Concept Robot 544x368px
(credit: ABB)

even though ABB’s FRIDA may be just a concept robot, it is still a hint that robot with human’s dexterity may one day replace us in the assembly line. most people would think these advanced robots will be out to replace third world countries’ workers but i beg to differ. developed nations’ workers generally are higher paid and hence, the prospect of being replaced by robots deem higher. unless ‘complain-cum-demand’ control takes priority.

the FRIDA concept robot is roughly the size of a human torso which is supposedly small enough to work along side their human counterpart. ya, right. will there still be human when FRIDA comes along? perhaps, by then all that are left will be FRIDA’s technicians or engineers or may be the janitors. oh wait, we have robot that does the cleaning too, don’t we? oh, did we mention that she has no head? in place of the head is a handle that allows you to lug it around. no head, no vision, equals no distraction from her work.
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the best part about robot like FRIDA? they don’t get tired and they don’t complain that you are in fact using illicit chemicals that are making them sick. they don’t fall sick, they just break down. therefore, the only things you are left to worry about is the rising electric bill and of course, the union workers holding placards protesting outside your plant. perfect.

ABB via DVICE / Engadget