NERF LMTD Destiny Gjallarhorn Blaster Is Still Available To Buy For US$185

What you see here is the real-life, toy version of the exotic rocket launcher from the video game Destiny 2, called NERF LMTD Destiny Gjallarhorn Blaster. The Gjallarhorn first appeared in the original Destiny video game and it was subsequently introduced to Destiny 2 video game in 2021.

This Real, Wearable Night Vision Goggles Is Included In The Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Dark Edition

With digital download for video games becoming a commonplace, gamers found themselves getting special edition perks in the form of digital items. That, TBH, makes us miss the good old days of special editions that actually come with tangible merchandise. If you feel the same and love Call of Duty, well, you will be drooling …