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Aerodyne 1930s-style mini-ITX PC

Aerodyne mini-ITX PC
(photos: Jeffrey Stephenson) Aerodyne mini-ITX PC | US$tba | slipperyskip.com

1930s was most remembered as the time of Betty Boop, Charlie Chaplin, mobsters with Tommy Guns, the Auburn Boat-tail Roadster and perhaps, the Art Deco style flair that comes along with these icons. if you are a computer-geek that adores what the 30s had brought, then the Aerodyne mini-ITX PC is the PC for you. custom crafted by one Jeffrey Stephenson, the fanless mini-ITX case is crafted from mahogany, accented with aluminum and despite its vintage outlook, under the hood is a host of modern electronic wizardries that include Intel Core i3 processor, 8GB of DDR3 RAM, a 256GB Solid State Drive (SSD), and a 150W power supply. totally sensible cos’ it is obvious that PC is virtually non-existence in the 1930s. Continue reading Aerodyne 1930s-style mini-ITX PC