Stop & Shop Wants To Bring The Grocery Store To Your Doorstep With This Self-Driving Vehicle

As it turns out, googly-eyed robots are not the only high-tech hardware Ahold Delhaize USA has planned for its supermarket chain in the U.S. This spring, Stop & Shop will launch driver-less grocery vehicles in Boston, so you can buy meal kits and other convenience items right at your doorstep. Think of Stop & Shop […]

These Robots At A Supermarket Chain Are Different, They Have Googly Eyes

Deploying robots to do things like checking on shelves for stock levels, pricing and detecting misplaced items in supermarket is not new. But still, I think this little guy, called Marty (yes, it has a name!), deserve some mentions because, googly eyes. Marty is one of the hundreds of robots which retail giant, Netherlands-based Ahold […]