Amazon Slashes Exclusive Halo Gray Essential Phone 128 GB To $326

Here’s a deal which we find it too good not to share. The world’s first notched device, the much touted Essential Phone by one of the ‘fathers’ of Android operating system, has its price slashed on Amazon. The Halo Gray version of the 128 GB Essential Phone is selling at $325.98, which is roughly 35 […]

Essential Phone Actually Owns The Patent For Pop-up Selfie Camera

As the world eagerly anticipates the arrival of Vivo’s futuristic smartphone sometime in the middle of this year, Vivo is probably working hard to iron out any kink, control the production cost, and also talking to Essential Phone. Why? Well, as it turns out, Essential Phone had mooted the idea of pop-up selfie camera on […]

Andy Rubin’s Essential Phone Also Don’t Believe In Headphone Jack Too

Strange. I remember we did wrote about Android’s creator, Andy Rubin, foray into handset making. I guess, the truth is, we did indeed missed that piece. Anyways, after much anticipation (or not), Andy Rubin’s Essential Phone is finally almost ready for the mass market. From the get go, the Essential PH-1 looks like an exquisite […]