RaceChip Made Hyundai i30 N Performance A Worthy Golf GTi’s Rival

Already, the Hyundai i30 N Performance has plenty of ponies to offer. With 272 HP and 353 Nm (260 lb-ft) of torque, it is a performance hatch out-of-the-factory, but for those with an insatiable appetite for more horses, RaceChip may just have want you are after. The company recently had a Hyundai i30 N Performance […]

The Dark Side Wants To Have A Grasp On Your Device With This Phone Holder

There are in-car mobile phone holder and then there is the Star Wars In-car Mobile Phone Holder. I do not know who made it, but from the looks of it, this is an officially licensed merchandise. There is really nothing much here that should cause a stir. It is just a universal mobile phone holder […]

Hudly Wireless Head-up Display Lets You Drive Like A Fighter Pilot

As useful as smartphone is, it is also a tool that kills when use while driving. In fact, in the U.S., the National Safety Council estimated that cell phone usage while behind the wheel is the culprit behind 1.6 million traffic accidents each year. Even if folks can resist the temptation of replying to text […]

This High-tech Motion-detecting Dash Cam May Just Save A Child’s Life

Under normal circumstances, a person should not find him or herself trapped inside a car, but as we all know, there are always exceptions. Exceptions like a kid got entrap inside accidentally for a variety of reasons, or in an accident where the driver and passengers are knocked out cold. The dTec SafeKam is a […]

Redlight Dash Cam That Alerts Phone-Using Drivers When Lights Turn Green Is A Very, Very BAD Idea

Lets set the record straight here: using your phone for any purpose when driving is never good. No one should be doing that, ever. Not even when you are at the traffic light. However, for some reasons, some folks think some people don’t care anyways, so they have came up with hardware and software solution […]

This Is Gooloo G2000, It Can Jump Start A Car From Within The Car

Portable car jump starter that also doubles as a power bank is not the newest news, but one that lets you jump start a car from within the car? Well, that’s something new to us and exactly what jump starter maker Gooloo G2000 proposed to do. Instead of stepping outside of the car and brave […]

Bugatti Presents The World’s First 3D Printed Titanium Brake Caliper

Bugatti is not just the name for super fast supercar nor is it merely about ridiculously expensive automobile. It is also one of the name in automobile innovations and the latest innovation is this brake caliper which Bugatti proudly proclaimed as “world’s largest titanium functional component produced by additive manufacturing.” In other words, it is […]

ESCORT To Unveil First Connected Car Radar/Laser Detector At CES

Radar/laser detector for automobile is not legal everywhere, but if it is where you resides, you will want to get acquaint with the ESCORT MAX 360c Connected Radar and Laser Detector. As the product name implies, it is a connected radar/laser, the first from ESCORT Inc. It is designed to connect to your car’s WiFi […]

Nissan To Sell R32 Skyline GT-R Parts Again So That The Legend Can Lives On

The R32 Skyline GT-R is arguably the most iconic sports car ever made by Japanese automaker Nissan. It has captured the hearts of millions around the world and it is, up to today, a much sought after car. It is a modern classic that begs to be driven hard, over and over again until the […]

DipClip Holds Dipping Sauces So You Can Say Goodbye To Nugget Dry Spell

Here’s an interesting product dedicated to those who love to consume food, specifically nuggets and fries, in their cars. I never eat in my car ever for obvious reasons, but if you do, the DipClip In-car Holder for Ketchup & Dipping Sauces is here to end your nuggets and fries’ dry spell once and for […]