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BluFit Smart Water Bottle

with about 60 percent of our human body composition being water, it makes sense to keep ourselves hydrated. under normal circumstances, a grown person shouldn’t have problem knowing that he or she should be kept hydrated anyway, but in case you do need a little reminder every now and then, or simply want to monitor your fluid intake, then you’d be glad to know there’s actually an app and hardware for that. meet the BluFit, a connected smart water bottle that works in conjunction with an app to track your hydration process, set and monitor goals, and manage alerts. made of BPA and phthalate-free glass bottle with silicone sleeve, the BluFit smart water bottle is packed with Bluetooth LE chip for connectivity, water flow sensor to track your water intake, environment sensors, a rechargeable battery (good for six days of use per charge), and integrated multi-color LED lights (configurable to the color of your choice) to alert you that it is time to drink. Continue reading BluFit Smart Water Bottle