Booq Flow Returns As Graphite, Might Be The Most Rounded Gadget Bag, Ever

we have seen countless gadget bags, but none of which actually covers every aspect of a modern gadget-loaded road warrior. with the Booq Flow Graphite Backpack, it takes a bold attempt to cover all tracks, swallowing up anything from a 17-inch MacBook or PC laptop to a DSLR camera to full-size headphones, and anything in …

Booq Python Slimpack Camera Backpack

spur of the moment type photographers will surely appreciate what the new Booq Python Slimpack Camera Backpack has to offer. for starter, it looks every bit of awesome and despite the compact form, it managed to pack a series of pockets and a main camera compartment with configurable plush red padded interior that not only protects your gears, but

Booq Viper Courier Laptop Bag

traveling with a laptop is not as simple as just packing the laptop and go; it is more than that. along with the laptop, you have a host of ancillary items to go with it like the power adapter, mouse and mouse pad, and since you are traveling you probably have other essentials such as shades, smartphone and perhaps, a notebook/magazine or two.