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Britek Brings Airless Tires To The Bicycle World

airless tires has been an idea auto and tire makers have been toying around for quite sometime now, and have since used on vehicles like the Polaris Sportsman WV850 H.O. ATV in recent time, though no road-going car have actually use them. we suspect it might be a matter of time before they become a norm. but why airless when compressed air have served us this well so far? well, to understand the benefit of airless tires, first you must understand why air is used to begin with. air is compressible and therefore it provides added traction on top of the tire’s threads, as well as providing a ‘cushioning’ effect in addition to the vehicle’s suspension system. though automobiles may not be using them anytime soon, but this airless technology is now seeing application on bicycles. Continue reading Britek Brings Airless Tires To The Bicycle World