Some Of The World’s Most Recognizable Cars Reimagined Into SUVs And We Are Torn About Them

SUV or Sports Utility Vehicle has been around for decades now, but it is only in recent years that we have seen a sudden surge in popularity in this segment. The popularity (read: business opportunity) has spurred traditional, non-believing automobile companies like Alfa Romeo and even luxury marque like Maserati to jump on to the […]

Unholy Car Mashups: Abomination Or Awesomeness, You Decide

Have you ever looked at a particular make and model of car and wonder, what if another marque were to make it? Like, would you have imagined Bugatti making a Volkswagen Beetle, lending the luxury sport car maker’s design touches to the people’s car, and what it would look like? Or what if Lamborghini makes […]

Toyota GR HV SPORTS Can Switch Between Auto And H-Gate Manual Shift At The Press Of A Button

What see here is NOT a Ferrari, although I do find it bearing an uncanny resemblance with one of the Prancing Horse marque’s exotic ride. This is the Toyota GR HV SPORTS Concept Car, a sports car which you can enjoy without bearing all the guilt of tainting the air because, hybrid. Yeah, it is […]

BMW i Vision Dynamics Is The Electric Mobility Of “Immediate Future”

Described as an “electric mobility of the much more immediate future,” the BMW i Vision Dynamics bears a shell that indeed looks like a probable car of today, or at least, in very near future. Unveiled at this year’s IAA Cars 2017 show in Frankfurt, the BMW i Vision Dynamics is a four-door Gran Coupe […]

Mercedes-AMG Project ONE Is Basically A Formula 1 Car In A Road Car Shell

Some people aspired to be a Formula One race car driver for, you know, the fame and fortune, but if you really love cars, like cars that are as powerful as the hybrid technology offered by today’s Formula 1 race car, the Mercedes-AMG Project ONE is probably the closest anyone will ever get. The obvious […]

MINI John Cooper Works GP Concept and Electric Concept Heads To IAA

BMW Group’s MINI has something cool to show off ahead of this year’s IAA, or more commonly known as Frankfurt Motor Show. The first is a MINI that will delight MINI-adoring speed demons, a ride called MINI John Cooper Works GP Concept and the other, should please tree hugging MINI fans, designated as MINI Electric […]

BMW Concept Z4 Gives You A Peek Of What Future Z4 May Look Like

If you have wondering how will the next Z4 looks like, well, wonder no more because BMW has, at this Concours d’Elegance at Pebble Beach, unveiled what-could-be-the-next Z4 looks like which it aptly christened BMW Concept Z4. Not surprisingly, BMW has retained the unmistakable distinct wedge-shaped silhouette of the Z4, including a lithe and compact […]

BMW Concept 8 Series Unveiled And It Looks Absolutely Fabulous!

It is time of the year again. The Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este is upon us and like every other year, this prestigious event where classic and vintage cars congregate is also the hotbed for big name automakers to show off their proudest rides, concepts included, and this irresistibly good-looking 2018 BMW Concept 8 Series coupe […]

VW Has A 400 HP Hybrid Golf GTI With An Electric Drive That Will Surprise You

Look what we have here! It’s a VW Golf GTI with a dose of electric power and when we said “a dose,” we do really mean ‘a dose’. How? This particular Golf here, dubbed Golf GTI First Decade, has 410 PS, or about 404 HP, but that impressive number is solely from its petrol engine. […]

Bentley’s Vision Of Luxury Electric Car Is All Beauty And Copper, Lots Of It

Being a richie rich can be quite a pain. You can’t ride the luxe ride you love or zip city to city in your private jet without piling up on carbon footprint, but if you are a Bentley fan, you’d be glad that reprieve is almost here – thanks to the Bentley EXP 12 Speed […]