Mercedes-Benz Unveiled Futuristic EV Called Vision EQ Silver Arrow

Personally, I love and hate concept cars. If you have been following this blog, you probably realized that we hardly feature as many concept cars these days compared to when we just started because, they are like fairy tales and you know how fairy tales were: they never came true and it can be very […]

Kalashnikov Wants To Take On Tesla With This Decidedly Retro Electric Car

Tesla electric cars are sleek, but you know what really pleases my eyes? High-tech cars that take on a retro look. Having said that, you bet that I am all up for this Kalashnikov CV-1 Electric Supercar Concept. Yes. That is the Kalashnikov, the Russian company best known for its super robust assault rifle, AK-47. […]

Things Can Get Really Bizarre If Luxury Car Brands Made Camper Vans

SUV has been around for ages, but it is until recent years, luxury car brands began diving into the SUV segment. Looking at the trend, these luxury marques could be making MPV, AKA minivan, soon. Or maybe not. But one thing I am sure is, brands like Rolls-Royce, Ferrari, Maybach and the likes won’t be […]

Porsche Brings Back The Spirit Of 356 With 911 Speedster Concept

In addition to bringing its first sports car back to life and giving its electric sports sedan a name – among many other things, Porsche is marking its 70 years in existence with a Porsche 911 Speedster Concept. Porsche described the open-top sports car as a “road ready study” and so, it is very likely […]

Seriously, I Want This All-electric Classic Mini Now!

It is odd that the icon of compact hatch of our time does not already have fully electric cars plying the roads. I guess MINI is taking its time to make sure it does it right cos’ obviously, a car this tiny will have questionable range due the straight up space constraint. While BMW Group […]

Holy Smoke! The Legend Lives. The Toyota Supra Is Making A Comeback!

When Toyota decided to split up its Toyota Celica Supra, it was probably the best decision. Unfortunately, as awesome the move was, the Supra moniker did not last. It ended with the JZA80 model, Toyota’s most powerful production model, after 16 years (or nearly 25 years, and four generations, if you count the Celica-Supra era). […]

Porsche Mission E Cross Turismo Has 600 HP And Looks Utterly Fabulous!

Pardon me for my excitement. While I am more of a patrolhead, I am equally drawn to electric drive too, especially one that has 600 horses with a stunning aesthetic to boot, like the Porsche Mission E Cross Turismo Concept Study. Unveiled at the 88th Geneva Motor Show, the Mission E Cross Turismo is as […]

Man, I Just Can’t Get This Porsche Raw 964 Concept Out Of My Head

I bet the name Porsche 964 will leave non-enthusiast in confusion. Wait. Porsche had a 964? Yes. It did. And if you think it looked suspiciously like a 911, well, that is because it was in fact a 911. As matter of fact, Porsche 964 was the company’s internal name for the Porsche 911 made […]

Some Of The World’s Most Recognizable Cars Reimagined Into SUVs And We Are Torn About Them

SUV or Sports Utility Vehicle has been around for decades now, but it is only in recent years that we have seen a sudden surge in popularity in this segment. The popularity (read: business opportunity) has spurred traditional, non-believing automobile companies like Alfa Romeo and even luxury marque like Maserati to jump on to the […]

Unholy Car Mashups: Abomination Or Awesomeness, You Decide

Have you ever looked at a particular make and model of car and wonder, what if another marque were to make it? Like, would you have imagined Bugatti making a Volkswagen Beetle, lending the luxury sport car maker’s design touches to the people’s car, and what it would look like? Or what if Lamborghini makes […]