DJI Osmo Action Is An Action Camera Good For Action Selfie Too

Remember how GoPro tried to dabble in the drone market and failed miserably? Well, DJI is also departing from its usual domain. DJI is turning out action camera too. Lets see how it goes for the drone maker. But somehow I have a feeling that it won’t go south like GoPro did with the Karma. […]

DJI OSMO Mobile 2 Is Essentially The OSMO, But For Smartphones

It doesn’t matter if we have somehow managed to miss the DJI OSMO Mobile handheld smartphone gimbal because, it already has a successor called, well, DJI OSMO Mobile 2. DJI OSMO Mobile 2 is a handheld smartphone gimbal for the mobile phone cinematographer in you to unleash your mobile videography creativity. Think of it as […]

DJI Tello Iron Man Edition Lets You Fly In Iron Man’s Perspective

You heard of Tello? No? Well, it is a drone made by Shenzhen-based Ryze Tech, powered by DJI and touts Intel technology, that mixes both imaging and fun play. The drone was introduced earlier this year, but now, Tello has a new Iron Man-themed edition. Called Tello Iron Man Edition, it is essentially the same […]

DJI Terra For Phantom 4 Can Recreate Scenarios In Highly Detailed 3D Models

This is DJI Terra. It is NOT a drone. It is an enterprise solution, a software, that will expands your DJI drone’s capabilities. DJI Terra is an Artificial Intelligence-powered system that is developed to help you digitize the world around you using the Phantom 4 Series drones. Armed with sophisticated mapping technology, Terra captures, analyzes […]

DJI OSMO Is An Action Cam For Those Who Is Not Doing The Action

If you are an action cam person who is NOT the person doing the actions (I know it sounds strange but…), the DJI OSMO Pocket Handheld Camera might just be the gadget you never knew you need. Now, DJI is not exactly known for imaging prowess, but when it comes to gimbal, they do know […]

DJI Unleashes Mavic 2 Enterprise Suited For Search And Rescue, And More

You have seen DJI’s drone being use in agricultural operations, now meet the DJI Mavic 2 Enterprise. DJI Mavic 2 Enterprise is DJI’s solution to go beyond aerial imaging. As the product name implies, it is based on the Mavic 2 which was unveiled back in August. So, yeah, it is essentially the Mavic 2 […]

DJI Unveiled Two Mavic 2 Imaging Drone, One Has A Hasselblad Camera!

This is it. After much leaks that we can’t be bother to look into, China’s drone giant DJI has finally revealed its next-generation Mavic drone, or should we say ‘drones’ because there are two Mavics: a Pro and a Zoom. I am sure the former is going to tickle the fancy of photography enthusiasts because, […]

DJI Made Spark Imaging Drone Cute With First Characterized Drone

When it comes DJI, or imaging drones in general for that matter, cute is never in the agenda. I mean, seriously, were you expecting cute drone or something? No. Obviously. Oh, wait. You do? Well, if that’s the case, then China drone maker has a piece of good news for you. It has “cutiefied” (note: […]

DJI Announced A Super Portable Mavic Imaging Drone Called Mavic Air

DJI has never known for small drone. The smallest the China drone maker ever had until today is the Mavic. TBH, Mavic is not that small and therefore, it may not tickles some people’s fancy. But that changes a couple of days ago when the company announced an all-new Mavic, called Mavic Air. So how […]

DJI’s New Zenmuse X7 Will Make Inspire 2 A Capable Aerial Cinematography Rig

When DJI first came onto the market 11 years ago, imaging wasn’t not its forte. The drone was (and still is today), but fast forward to today, the company has emerged from the shadow of popular cinematic camera makers to introduce its very own cinematic camera called Zenmuse X7. Billed as the world’s first Super […]