CASIO Unveiled Rainbow MT-G, Limited Edition MR-G And More At Baselworld

There used to be a time when Baselworld was reserved for the ultimate luxe timepieces. Not anymore. CASIO has been making quite some waves at this year’s Baselworld with a slew of announcements, including a striking timepiece to mark CASIO G-Shock MT-G’s 20th anniversary, the limited edition CASIO G-Shock MTGB1000RB-2A timepiece in bright and bold […]

Casio Celebrates 40 Years Of Gundam With G-Shock Collection

Don’t ask me why is this coming out of China instead of Japan where both CASIO G-Shock and cult mecha anime Gundam, the granddaddy of Japanese mecha, originated. Anyways, here it is, a collection of Gundam-themed G-Shock timepieces dished out by CASIO to celebrate Gundam’s 40th anniversary this year. The collection consists of four G-Shock […]

Casio G-Shock’s New GRAVITYMASTER Is All Carbon Monocoque

CASIO G-Shock is not closely associated with motorsports and aviation, but here it is, the CASIO G-Shock GRAVITYMASTER GWRB1000-1A1 Watch, a timepiece with materials inspired by motorsports and designed with aviation professionals in mind. CASIO did not make the association (with aviation) out of thin air. This beautiful timepiece sports an all-new carbon monocoque structure […]

CASIO G-Shock ‘Pure Gold’ Anniversary Watch Has A Shocking $70K Price Tag

CASIO G-Shock is no stranger in giving gold treatment to its G-Shock timepieces, but to date, those gold treatments were, well, just another color range. Nothing even remotely shocking, really, if you ask me. That was until the exquisite Gold Hammertone variety came along, asking for $6K in return. That created quite a stir in […]

CASIO And Sanrio Join Forces For Special Hello Kitty Baby-G Watches

If you did not manage to grab a Valentine’s Day gift for your favorite lady in your life, the Casio Baby-G Hello Kitty Watches could be your redeeming gift. A day before Valentine’s Day, CASIO USA announced a special Hello Kitty edition Baby-G commemorative watches to celebrate the brand’s 25 years and 45 years of […]

CASIO G-Shock Celebrates 25 Years Of Baby-G With A Special Baby-G Model

This year, CASIO G-Shock celebrates 25 years of Baby-G. Yes, already. Time sure the hell flies. When Baby-G was first launched in 1994, it aimed to create a more feminine version of the G-Shock with all the toughness of G-Shock, but in a smaller, slimmer form. It was a hit. Even as a hot-blooded young […]

CASIO Debuts G-Shock With 1983 Case in Full Metal Paired With Resin Band

Metal is a symbol of toughness. Surprisingly though, Casio tough watch line, G-Shock, did not employ metal in its classic square face G-Shock wrist watches until of late. The Casio GMWB5000-1 All-Metal G-Shock is the latest addition Metal G-Shock to be included in the watchmaker’s catalog and it is the first in the collection to […]

G-Shock x Transformers Comes With A Transformable Optimus Watch Holder

Transformers are, according to, a species of sentient, living robotic beings. In other words, they are are living things, just like you and me. This brings us to this question: as sentient beings, do they do ever need to read time, or does the onboard computer already have that taken care of? I guess […]

We Just Can’t Take Our Eyes Off The Bright Red Accented G-Shock GA700

It has been a while since we look at Casio G-Shock watches. There are just way too many watches being turn out, but this one here had my full attention because, bright red accents. This new debut from Casio is the G-Shock GA700BR-1A men’s watch. As you can see, the bright tangy red accents beckon […]

G-Shock Lends Some Bold Colors To Men’s Street Style Watches

G-Shock watches’ norm is the signature black colorway which is cool because they are, after all, rugged timepieces, but if you are going score in the street style department, colors are essential. TBH, purists will not settle for anything else other than the standard black, or maybe occasional camo colorway. However, for everyone else who […]