Here’s A New Designed-For-FPS Games Gaming Headset From SOMiC

So far, we have not heard of China-based branded gaming headphones. I am sure there are quite a handful. Just that we are not aware of them. Here’s one brand called SOMiC that has been trying to break into the U.S. and international markets since a few years back. You may have seen headphones with […]

Turtle Beach’s New Recon 70 Gaming Headset Costs Just 40 Bucks

Once again, Turtle Beach proves that gaming headset made by a specialist gaming headset maker need not to be a bank-breaker. Meet the Turtle Beach Recon 70 Gaming Headset, the latest gaming headset and the successor to the number selling wired gaming headset, Recon 50. Turtle Beach Recon 70 Gaming Headset promised to deliver high-quality […]

Turtle Beach Announced $30 In-Ear Buds For Mobile Gaming

When I play multiplayer games on mobile, I never chat because I never own a proper headset and I totally reject the idea of on-ear or over ear cans. But today, my days of not chatting might be over because now there is the Turtle Beach Battle Buds. Mind you, though. Turtle Beach Battle Buds […]

Razer Unveiled New Game Controllers And Headset For PS4

Razer has some gears for those looking to up their gaming experience on Playstation 4. The first is a pair of game controller called Razer Raiju Ultimate and Raiju Tournament Edition and the second product is a gaming headset called Razer Thresher headset. The controller is, not surprisingly, looking super sleek and features incredible level […]

Turtle Beach Recon Camo: Camo Is The Reason Why I Need This Gaming Headset

Turtle Beach has announced a new gaming headset that is is totally worthy of our attention because of two key reasons: one, it is multiplatform, which means you don’t quite need to worry about the changing platforms and two, camouflage. With a camouflage design, the Turtle Beach Recon Camo Mutliplatform Gaming Headset tickles our fancy […]

Razer Tiamat 7.1 Offers True Surround Sound And A View Of Its Innards

Seven discrete surround sound channels, five drivers in each earcup making a total of ten drivers. Those are what the new flagship headset Tiamat 7.1 V2 from leading gaming lifestyle company Razer has to offer. That’s right. 10 freaking drivers and 7.1 surround sound on a pair of headphones. Those are something of a dream […]

Razer ManO’War Gaming Headset Promised 360-Deg Gaming-Grade Audio

If you are into first person shooter, then you will appreciate the ability to hear everything and without lag. Hearing everything means preventing yourself being killed and having an upper hand over your opponents, and no lag, means you are not behind the action. Those are what the new Razer ManO’War Wireless Gaming Headset has […]

OSSIC Promised Real 3D Audio With Self-calibrating OSSIC X Headphones

Folks. We have been misled the whole time. Apparently, the so-called 7.1 headphones aren’t really surround sound as proposed to be. Then again, we should have known cos’ the moment we put on those cans, it did in fact sounds different from the natural environment. The experience wouldn’t be that spacious and the sounds that […]

NightHawk Boasts Both Audio Quality and Luxurious Built to Complement Discerning, Mature Gamers

Traditionally, gaming headphones’ aesthetic leaves much to be desired. Not that they are ugly or anything, but as far as discerning gamers are concerned, they are often too gaming gear-like and the sonic reproduction aspect is often hardly anywhere near audiophile-grade. This is where established high-end audio company AudioQuest’s NightHawk Audiophile Gaming Headphones comes in. […]

Polk Audio Striker Gaming Headset Brings Audiophile-grade Sound To Affordable Cans

gaming and audiophile don’t often go hand-in-hand, but since last year, Polk Audio has managed to marry the two with three console gaming audio solutions and at this year’s E3, it has another to offer: the Polk Audio Striker Gaming Headset. designed with Xbox One in mind, the Striker features Polk’s Dynamic Balance driver technology […]