Scientists Developed Insect-sized Robot Powered By Solar

Once upon a time, Harvard University wowed the world with a micro autonomous flying robot called RoboBee. Then, USC School of Engineering one up it with a 4-winged robotic insect called Bee+ and now, Harvard Microrobotics Laboratory came back at Bee+ with its under-a-gram 4-winged robotic flying insect that can fly tether-free – thanks to […]

Cockroach-inspired Robot Bug Walks On Water, Land And Underwater Too

What you see in movies that depicted strange robots that are capable of doing just about anything are slowing materializing and the Harvard University’s Harvard Ambulatory Microbot, or HAMR, is a robot cockroach that is part of this realization. The development of HAMR has been going on and recently, we heard that it just got […]

Thanks To A Frozen Ancient Carcass, Mammoth Could Walk The Earth Again

We are well aware of how all Jurassic Park movies ended: crazy amount of deaths and destructions, and if anything, we learned that dinosaurs in modern day where helpless homo sapiens roam freely equals to bad news. But of course, those fictional scenarios won’t deter researchers from Harvard University from trying to play god. And […]