Mindset Headphones Goes Beyond Playing Music, Helps You To Focus Too

If you really think about it, consumer audio headphones hasn’t really change a lot since its invention. Sure, we have goodness of noise cancellation, better drivers and so on, but the concept remain pretty much the same and its use is, well, the same, and that’s to feed audio to our soundholes. However, there’s one […]

IT In Healthcare: Staging A Better Future (With Infographic)

We’ve seen a lot of technological advancements in recent years. Our previous article about the Amazon Echo showed just how far we’ve come when it comes to smarter technology. The same advancements are happening in the healthcare industry too, with new tech such as EHRs (Electronic Health Records) and digital medical imaging allowing doctors and […]

The World’s First Smart Hairbrush Tells You What’s Going With Your Hair

The mere act of brushing your hair does nothing but, well, brushes and possibly, make your lock looks a lot better than just-woke-up condition. Unless you visit a trichologist, you won’t know your mane’s well-being (yes, we said ‘well-being’), but what if, you can know your hair more intimately simply through your daily brushing routine? […]

MPERSENS Smartwatch Is Also A Remote Monitoring Device For Elderlies

We have seen our fair share of smartwatches and by now, I guess the only differentiating point competing models have is brand, or whether it loaded with diamonds or not. However, this smartwatch, called MPERSENS, from VEESAG is different. MPERSENS, which is the acronym for Mobile Personal Emergency Response System, works like most smartwatches, but […]

Oticon Opn Is The First Hearing Aid To Enter The Era of Internet Of Things

Traditionally, people with hearing disability wears a hearing aid and while this may seem suffice, the current technology is rather limited. It’s directional, that is what we are saying. However, with the Oticon Opn (pronounced as ‘open’) Connected Hearing Aid, it not only set to change how a person with hearing disability hears, but also […]

Heart Monitoring Sportswear Aims To Prevent Cardiac-related Deaths

Imagine a future where the apparels you wear is able to provide you with your body metrics. Perhaps, even measuring blood sugar level and such. The Sensoria Artificial Intelligence Sportswear you see here is not that kind of future tech but it is pretty close with as far as active lifestyle is concerned. Billed as […]

Meet HEX, The World’s First Re-engineered Condom. Wait, What???

There are many things that need and has been re-engineered, reinvented, but condom, that latex stuff that goes on your manhood, hasn’t. The question is, is condom in dire need of re-engineering? Apparently yes, according to LELO, “world’s leading name in the pleasure industry” from Sweden. The outfit has decided to take on the seventy […]

This In-ear Headphones Is A Fitness Tracker That Can Read Mind Too

Music and body metrics measurement does not go hand-in-hand, but what if it could? Well, such is what the United Sciences The Aware Custom-fit Headphone proposed to do: providing users with a pair of custom-fit, wireless in-ear headphone that not only lets users listen to music, but also measure their body metrics, as well as […]

“Second Skin” Is Possibly The Closest Thing You Will Get To Elixir of Youth

These days photos lie. The advancement in imaging hardware and software allows us to beautify our photos even as we are taking the photo and as a result, photos may not be the most accurate representation of the real person. Just think of girls with skilfully applied makeup (which probably took hours to complete) and […]

Research Lab Develops Electric Fork That Adds Salty Tang To Salt-free Meals

It is well documented that over intake of salt is one of the main culprits of high blood pressure. According to Blood Pressure UK, “eating salt raises the amount of sodium in your bloodstream and wrecks the delicate balance, reducing the ability of your kidneys to remove the water.” Our body reacts by introducing more […]