Razer Goes White With Mercury Edition Gaming Peripherals

Razer’s myriad of gaming peripherals are predominantly black and if that does not catch on with you, well, we say, don’t let the dark side stop you from getting the good stuff. Not that you should go with the flow and betray your principle. You really don’t have to because now some of Razer’s most […]

Meet WhiteFox, A Sweet, Fully-programmable Mechanical Keyboard

The awesome clickety clack sound when typing on a keyboard is something quickly becoming a thing of the past. I mean, sure, however quiet keyboards are, they will still create a signature noise, but it will never be the same as what the good’ol mechanical keyboard reproduces. That, along with the bold ambition to make […]

Top Tech Gadgets For Engineering Students

It seems as though students in the online masters engineering program are always trying to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to technology and gadgets. Some tech gadgets can obviously be used to help you in your future career, maybe with your studies, or are just plain fun. With that in mind we’ve […]

The World’s Most Advanced Projection Keyboard Plays Music Too

The idea of projection keyboard isn’t the newest news, but there’s a new kid in the projection keyboard block that might just get us interested. Billed as the world’s most advanced projection keyboard, iKeybo is the first such keyboard to boast multilingual support, and it is also a piano and a portable charger too. iKeybo […]

Apple In Talks With Dynamic E-ink Keyboard Creator, Is Acquisition Nigh?

Remember Sonder Design’s dynamic e-ink keyboard that’s capable of displaying app-specific layouts? Well, this revolutionary Apple-ish looking keyboard has yet to see fruition (it is still taking pre-order for $199, btw) but already, it has gotten the attention from the Cupertino tech giant, Apple. According to the report, Apple is keen in the technology Sonder […]

Tap Keyboard Has No Keys, Lets You Type By Tapping On Any Surface

Mention wearable keyboard, it is sure to conjure up an image of a miniaturized keyboard strap to the forearm, but the Tap Strap wearable keyboard is anything but. In fact, it looks and sounds like something pulled right out of a sci-fi movie. Instead of physical keyboard, it is, well, just a strap with holes […]

Couch Gaming Is Officially A Thing Because Of Razer Turret’s ‘Lapboard’

Yup. That’s right. Razer has just made couch gaming an official thing with the Razer Turret Living Room Gaming Mouse and Lapboard and yes, it is calling it ‘lapboard’, which means the keyboard will be as comfy on your laps as it is on a table. The Turret is, as the company described, “a mouse […]

Apple Updates iMac Family with Retina 4K and Retina 5K Displays

In the last keynote event in September, the classic one-liner “one more thing” was missing and it was probably missing intentionally as that “one more thing” was announced just today, in the form of updated iMac. Aesthetically, as you may have anticipated, it is still the iMac you love. Sporting the same aluminum chassis, but […]

LG’s Full-size Portable Keyboard Rolls Up to Fit Even the Tightest Space

Portable keyboards and in this case, Bluetooth-enable ones, are not new and up till now, it is either super compact, but not actually a full size keyboard, or it is almost full-size, but lacks of the portability. Yes. They are still portable, possibly by the way of folding, which is not exactly the compact, compact, […]

Samsung Keyboard Cover Will Turn Galaxy S6 edge+ and Note 5 into a Blackberry-like Device

Along with the announcement of the Galaxy S6 edge+ and Galaxy Note 5 smartphones, Samsung also took the opportunity to push out some related accessories, including a wireless charger, a variety of protective cases and this Keyboard Cover, which will turn your spanking new Galaxy S6 edge+ and Galaxy Note 5 into a Blackberry-like device. […]