GAIT-TECH Insole Tech Wants To Relieve The Pain Of Wearing Stilettos

Wearing high-heel shoes is like being a Formula 1 race car driver. Beyond the glitz and glamor, there is the sweat and pain. As far as heels go, they can be painful to wear and that’s not to mention that they can be damaging to your feet with prolonged wear over many years. Enters GAIT-TECH.

Time For A Wardrobe Refresh: Spring And Summer 2022 Trends You Mustn’t Miss!

It’s nearly time to escape our wintery cocoons and step bravely out into the fresh springtime air. If you’ve got your finger firmly on the pulse of fashion, chances are you want to know what styles will be shaping the sunnier side of 2022. You don’t need to spend a fortune to keep on track …