Apple Mac Pro Announced, Trypophobics May Want To Look Away

If you thought the black trash bin-like Mac Pro was bad aesthetically, well, it is not because, Apple just upgraded the 2013 design to “it actually looks pretty good” level with the new, completely redesigned Mac Pro. As you may have already noticed, trypophobics may not be amused by the design. I am kind of […]

Apple Mac Pro (Late 2013)

what you see here is not a vase or some avant-garde air purifier, it is the future of Apple Mac Pro as presented by the Cupertino folks. the sneak was unveiled at the June 10’s World Wide Developers Conference and needless to say, we immediately became skeptics. a 9.9″ tall cylindrical Mac Pro? really? anyway, that

Apple New Product Updates & Accessories

while many were probably distracted by the eye-watering Retina Display on the newly announced 15″ MacBook Pro, Apple also made a few more subtle announcements that didn’t quite make it to the stage of the WWDC 2012 or even if they did, they were likely by overshadowed by the first laptop to…