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Moby1 C2 Compact Trailer

road trip sounds awesome, however, that won’t be fun if you are left without accommodation in the middle of nowhere. you can sleep in the car, but you can’t really sleep on a bike and even if you can balance perfectly on your bike and not move a bit in your sleep, you still risk waking up to hyenas tucking your feet. this is where the Moby1 C2 Compact Trailer could be your perfect two-wheel companion for your next road trip. with less than 300 lbs, it is light enough to be towed by a motorcycle and in its barest form, it has essentials such as a 4-inch foam mattress, screened and tinted slider, and one lockable door to ensure you will have a good night, sheltered from the elements and safe from any potential intruders. Continue reading Moby1 C2 Compact Trailer