Bosch Wants To Use Airbag Tech To Prevent Motorcycle From Slipping

Being on two wheels, motorcycles face far greater risks. One of these risks is sliding. Sliding happens when wheels begin to slip sideways on slippy or loose surfaces such as those created by wet leaves, oil spills, or gravels. In such surface, slipping is inevitable, but not if Bosch can help it. In a research […]

This Wallpaper Is Fire Resistant And It Is A Fire Alarm System Too

The idiom there’s no smoke without fire was based on the fact that where there’s smoke, there’s usually fire. But we are not here talk about the idiom. We are here for the literal meaning, which is happens to be the basis of how most fire alarm works. The alarm only trigger when smoke reaches […]

Check Out This Da Vinci-style Complex Puzzle Created By Miyagi University

OK. With over 1.2 million views on YouTube, this particular graduate project from Miyagi University, Japan, may not the newest news, but its ingenious complexity had us so enthralled that I find it a crime not to share it with the Internet. Also, lets face it; there gazillions of things online these days, who knows […]

Cyborg Beetles Could Join Cyborg Dragonfly In Saving Lives In Future

Remember the cyborg dragonfly developed by researchers at Draper and Howard Hughes Medical Institute. Well, as it turns out, it wasn’t the first. But really, are we even surprised? Cybernetic is like the next (inevitable) evolution of robotics. Anyways, researchers over at Nanyang Technological University (NTU) in Singapore, together with University of California Berkeley, has […]

AI Turns Pixelated Photos Into Clear Images, May Make Anonymous Nude Images Not So Anonymous Anymore

This world is not picture perfect and it is literally not because, when you zoomed into an image, such as on a CCTV footage, it will be pixelated. Picture perfect world? I think not. However, that changes with EnhanceNet Artificial Intelligence-powered Image-scaling Program. Developed by researchers Mehdi S. M. Sajjadi, Bernhard Schölkopf, and Michael Hirsch […]

In Future, Facebook May Make Your Still Profile Image Come Alive

There is something about animating a still portrait, however subtle the animation might be, that intrigues everyone. Unlike absolute still image, an animated portrait seems a whole lot more interactive and hence, a lot less monotonous. It literally breathes life into an otherwise mundane, motionless picture. This is perhaps the reason why we have Apple […]

30-Million-Year-Old Tick Has Monkey Blood, But Nope, No Jurassic Park Yet

Are you excited about the prospect of bringing back extinct animals? Particularly, those existed say, some 30 million years ago? Yes. It sure sounds like a plot from 90s blockbuster, Jurassic Park and it is kind of is because the researcher who found the 30-million-year-old tick encased in amber was Oregon State University’s professor emeritus, […]

Researchers Discovered Worrying Vulnerability In Fingerprint Sensor

So, you think mobile phone fingerprint sensor is secured? Well, think again. In a join research by NYU Tandon School of Engineering and Michigan State University, researchers discovered that there are similarities in partial fingerprints which may be enough to trick the biometric security systems on smartphones into unlocking the devices. You may think this […]

DHL’s Third Parcelcopter Is Tilt-rotor, Docks At Special Packstations

Remember the DHL Parcelcopter 2.0? Yeah. That drone that was trialled for delivery of medicine to Island of Juist in 2014. Well, as it turns out. DHL has made a lot of headway into autonomous delivery since then. In early 2016, DHL has already trialling the third iteration of the Parcelcopter, the Parcelcopter 3.0, but […]

Thanks To A Frozen Ancient Carcass, Mammoth Could Walk The Earth Again

We are well aware of how all Jurassic Park movies ended: crazy amount of deaths and destructions, and if anything, we learned that dinosaurs in modern day where helpless homo sapiens roam freely equals to bad news. But of course, those fictional scenarios won’t deter researchers from Harvard University from trying to play god. And […]