Sennheiser HD 250BT Headphones: A Pair Of Sennheiser Cans That Won’t Break The Bank

If you are in the market for a pair of Bluetooth headphones from a trusted brand without breaking the bank, then you may want to take a look at the new Sennheiser HD 250BT Headphones. No fancy naming here. It is just a Bluetooth cans from the renowned German audio equipment maker designed with on-the-go […]

This is MOMENTUM, Sennheiser’s First True Wireless Earbuds

During the last year’s IFA in August, Sennheiser formerly gets onboard the true wireless earbuds bandwagon with this pair of delightful looking MOMENTUM True Wireless. In simple words: it is just another pair of true wireless earbuds, but the difference is, it is backed by a company with decades of experience in making quality audio […]

Sennheiser’s 13-driver Sound Bar Has A Name, Will Be Available In May

Sennheiser first announced that it is getting into the sound bar game at last year’s CES and at this year’s CES, it brought the 13-driver soundbar, now named AMBEO, in its production-ready guise. Sennheiser’s very first sound bar promised an immersive 5.1.4 sound and has bass so deep that it has “to be heard to […]

Sennheiser’s Closed-back Audiophile Cans Cost A Cool $2.4K!

During last week’s CES, Sennheiser was eager to show off its new, pretty insane audiophile-grade headphone called HD 820. There’s a lot to be wow, especially the price tag associated with it, but more on that later. Backed by 70-year of audio equipment making experience, the HD 850 here wants to change your perception on […]

Sennheiser Is Going To Make A Monster Sound Bar With 13 Drivers

It is clear by now that the market for sound bar is a force businesses can’t ignore. With the shrinking house size and the appreciation for minimal clutter by consumers, sound bar is the one audio equipment that has been exerting quite a significant draw in recent years. And you know it is indeed a […]

Sennheiser Rebooted Its Legendary Orpheus Headphones And Wants You To Drop $50,000 For It

If you are itching to drop $55,000 on something, just anything other than a car, and have an undying love for very high-quality audio, then we have good news for you: you are reading an article that will point you to the right direction. Meet Sennheiser 2015 take of the Orpheus HE90 headphones. Simply called […]

Sennheiser Launches URBANITE Headphones, Adds In-Ear Buds To MOMENTUM Range

Beats has arguably been the forerunner of headphone fashion statement. its products have met with divided opinions and controversial to some extend. that said, will Sennheiser, a company mostly known for its serious sound coupled with serious look, new URBANITE headphones able to give brands like Beats a run for their money? described as “the […]

Sennheiser IE 800 In-Ear Headphones

like everything else in life, no two things are created to be equal. that’s especially true for headphones as some are created for those wouldn’t bother by its look, or the sound for that matter and there are those that created specifically for those who are gifted with the discerning sense of sounds. lucky for those who belongs to the latter, the choices are in…

Sennheiser MOMENTUM Headphones

looking for a stylish headphones backed by a reliable audio equipment maker? well, then the Sennheiser MOMENTUM Headphones might be worthy of the consideration. this pair of luxurious around-ear cans features supple, breathable leather on its headband and earcups that is sweat and water resistance, and a closed cirumaural design to…