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SolarCooler Solar-powered Refrigerating Cooler

the statement ‘using heat to cool something’ may sounds contradictory, but that is exactly what the SolarCooler does. it is the world’s first portable solar-powered refrigerating cooler (aka thermal refrigerator) that has a top covered with solar panels to harness the power of the sun to keep the contents within chill. unlike your regular cooler, the SolarCooler keeps your drink cool as ice while you are chilling out under the sun, and it can even be use to power up your USB and 12V DC devices and/or accessories, which effectively makes the SolarCooler a big ass portable battery. store and chill drinks (read: booze), plus ability to juice up USB-powered devices (read: speakers) – well, folks, that certainly sounds like a daytime beach party and camping must-have to us. Continue reading SolarCooler Solar-powered Refrigerating Cooler