This Pigeon Robot That Has Wings Structure Of A Real Pigeon And With Real Feathers

Despite the advancement in flight, mankind’s fascination of how birds soar the skies have not stopped. We have seen several examples of robots mimicking real creatures. There had been dragonfly, hummingbird, seagull (not the ‘pooping’ stiff one, btw), and more recently a bat, and now Stanford University’s Lentink Lab took it further with a pigeon […]

After Robot Dogs, Micro Drones Can Worked Together To Open A Door Too

You already seen how Boston Dynamic SpotMini can let itself out a closed door, now meet a pair of micro flying robots (read: drones) that does the same. You read that right. Now, even drones no bigger than the palm of your hand can heave the door open too. Created by Stanford University, EPFL and […]