Chic Go-Go Speaker May Be Small, But Still Packs a Digital Amp and Custom Driver to Deliver Full Range Audio

We have looked at so many Bluetooth speakers, we must have been inflicted by some kind of Bluetooth speakers immunity syndrome where all Bluetooth speakers appear to be the same. Then came along a chic little speaker called Go-Go Speaker from fashion-forward speaker maker Stellé Audio that begs for our attention amongst the sea of […]

Stellé Audio Soups Up Its Pillar Wireless Speakers with Wood Finishes

Some products looked so good that they hardly need any redesign. One such example is the Stellé Audio Pillar Bluetooth Speaker which we last seen in 2013. Just when we thought this unique portable wireless speaker can’t get any better, Stellé Audio introduced a new variety that’s dressed in wood. Now, how many times you […]

The Stellé Audio Pillar Bluetooth Speakers

the fact that today’s speaker system looks too much like a speaker could mean an interior design disaster to some. everything with respect to the interior decor is so harmonized and out pops a speaker with its pronounced black grill and the all too familiar rectangular form. depending on your aesthetic inclination, this calls